How to Find a PS3 Controller Fix

Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the game systems most popular in the market today. It is a good system that is appreciated by many people. The only thing that has no errors, is that sometimes the plants with the system that requires an overhaul or repair of the PS3 console.

If you have one of the following error when playing or turn the PlayStation 3 from Sony, then you're not alone can be seen:

- a PS3 controller error
- YLOD (yellow light of death)
- Error freezing
- Error Codes
- Disc error
- Red
- Green Light

You have two options if you need to set the PS3 controller or a PS3 Recovery Console. The first is the Sony and receive instructions for sending the system for repair purposes. If the system has not yet expired, it may be the best option, but you should be aware that there are several weeks to fix the system, and could cost $ 150 or more. If you have information on the hard disk of the PS3, you need a way back, because the hard drive to find abducted during the repair.