How to Fix Yellow Light on PS3

How to Fix Ps3 Yellow Light of Death

Got the yellow light of PS3 error discovered? Well, you're not the only one who has this error. Many people have difficulty with a yellow light that is either bright or flashing on your console. But now, how to solve this problem? You can solve this problem in two ways. Please send the Sony console, or do it yourself with a Playstation 3 repair guide.

Fix Ps3 yellow light with the Sony?

In fact, it is the most expensive option and the time you have. See if you do this, is not only cost $ 150, but it also takes literally weeks. In fact, in most cases, people have been waiting for more than 3 weeks.

Like the Xbox 360 red ring of death, the PS3 has the yellow ring of death. If you get to this problem, I show you step by step how to solve the problem, and get your PS3 there is no time to work
  1. Most of the time, you will realize that this is due to overheating. If you've played for a while ', take your Playstation, and let stand for about 1 hour. It 's better if the room is cooled.
  2. If the room is warm, you might want to put a fan blowing on it, or turn the air conditioner.
  3. Check the back of the device, and make sure that all cables are plugged in. What do you want to do is take in, and blowing with compressed air inside the doors.
  4. On the safe side, take the hard disk Playstation, and put it back in.
  5. Once a time is not yet complete and the Playstation is running, then again, and see if it works. If so, you are ready to go! Otherwise, you can see with Sony. You can also read this article PS3 YLOD Fix 
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    PS3 Troubleshooting Freezing

    How to Troubleshoot Problems With a PS3 That Freezes

    PS3 Troubleshooting Freezing - If your PlayStation 3 is frozen, you can correct the errors to determine the cause. The PS3, for various reasons, including overheating and freeze the need for an upgrade. The system can also freeze randomly through a disc of the game dirty. You may also be able to solve the freezing of a single action. Troubleshooting basic system does not require high technical skills and offers his hand in front of Sony in order to recommend technical assistance.
    1. Move the PS3 in a cool, well ventilated when it is cold during the game. The console can overheat and freeze or quit unexpectedly, if it lacks adequate ventilation.
    2. Remove the game disc into your system if it keeps crashing while playing the disc with a clean soft cloth. Insert the disk and restart the game.
    3. Disconnect all accessories from the user currently logged on with the PS3 when the screen is locked. Hold the "Power" button on the system until it stops. Release the button and press again to restart the system.
    4. Update the PS3, if it still crashes. Press "Select" and click "Settings". Click on "System Update" and click "Update via Internet". Wait for the system to check an update. The available updates are automatically downloaded and installed on PS3.

    How to Fix a Freezing Error on a PS3 Slim

    PS3 Slim is a revised version of the PlayStation 3, which is smaller, more energy efficient and quieter than the original version. PS3 Slim was released in 2009 to participate in an attempt to play more of its rivals such as the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. While Slim has been generally well received by critics, some systems may experience freezing problems. Fix an error PS3 Slim freezing is often a process of trial and error.
    1. Turn on the console and wait a few minutes before restarting. It could be just an accident of time who cares.
    2. Update the firmware by going to the PS3 Slim "System Update" function on the main menu system at startup. The fine line must be connected if they have automatic access to the PlayStation Network. Older firmware can sometimes lead to system instability and lead to unpredictable behavior such as freezing. Sony recommends that a new firmware regularly.
    3. Remove the game disc and wipe with a soft cloth from the inside toward the outside edge in a straight line to deposits, which could affect the lens-Slim removed. Never clean the CD in a circle, as this can cause dust, hair and other debris are included in the tracks of the disk, causing performance problems anymore. Try to watch another game if the freeze continues.
    4. Spray a can of compressed air in the area of ​​the disk of the PS3 Slim and the air intakes and the elimination of dust. Due to the smaller version, the PS3 Slim is based on more precise function of its components, such as dust builds up more problems for which it may cause. Use a vacuum cleaner and dust to stick to their mouths and suck, but do not do that on the surface of the disk, because it could traumatize the lens.
    5. On The Air PS3 Slim, selecting it from the ground and on a box that allows a flow of air. The small size means that the fan may be less effective in maintaining the cooling system when the full size version and that could result from freezing. Put a fan on the system and to help cooling.
    6. Tilt the Slim, on his side. It represents both the disk and the lens can correct disk errors, and some reading, eg frost.
    7. Contact Sony at 800-345-7669 if the problem persists, because your Slim may be defective or in need of repair. A representative from Sony can say if your Slim is still under warranty, or take the steps needed to fix the system.
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    PS3 Power Supply Test

    How to Test the Power Supply for a PS3

    PS3 Power Supply - The Playstation 3 has many impressive talents, but all the weight on the food. Output which provides power supply, power cord, and the inner workings of the machine may be influenced a certain type of damage. The system can also by the absence of air flow to the inputs of overheating. Test the elements of power must be carried out once a month, or when the PS3 is not working properly.

    1. Check the power cable that runs to the back of the PS3 into the wall outlet or surge protector. There should be no exposed metal parts of the child at any point along the line. If the cable is cut or broken, must be replaced. The power cords are electrical hazards and fire.
    2. Place one hand on top of the PS3. The PS3 should be warm but not hot to the touch. If the PS3 is too hot, remove the plug and unplug the console in an open space. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to blow dust from the vents on the side. Putting the PS3 into a new place where there is more more exposed to air. It should be 4 inches play both sides of the PS3.
    3. for the hum of the fans listening to hear if they work or not. PS3 should always fan noise. Pay attention to the status LEDs on the front of the PS3. If the red LED flashes the PS3, or if you smell of ozone, is overheating. The indoor fan may not work correctly and is not proper cooling of internal capacitors. The machine must be repaired.
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    PS3 Game Saves

    How to Make Downloaded PS3 Game Saves Work

    PS3 Game Saves - The are many sites on the Internet, where you can download PS3 game save files, but you need to perform additional actions to work on the PS3. Downloaded game save files in the folder "zip", and these files are decompressed before being transferred to your PS3. Once the files have been unpacked and the PS3, you can copy it to your PS3 hard drive and start playing the game to save the file to download.
    1. Connect a USB flash drive, memory card or an external hard drive to your computer.
    2. Right click on the downloaded game save file, then click "Extract All".
    3. Write the files are extracted, then click "Extract" at the bottom of the window.
    4. Browse to the location of the extracted folder.
    5. Right-click the folder, then click "Copy".
    6. Right-click in an empty space inside the folder containing your extracted folder, click "New," and then click "Folder."
    7. Name "PS3" folder.
    8. Double-click the folder "PS3" to open it.
    9. Right-click in an empty space inside the folder, click "New" and then click "Folder."
    10. Name the folder "SAVEDATA".
    11. Double-click the folder to open it.
    12. Click on the folder with the right mouse button and then "Paste".
    13. Click on "Back" at the top of the screen twice to return to the location of the folder "PS3" back.
    14. With the click of a button, right-click the folder "PS3", click "Send" and then be transferred to your media.
    15. Double click the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the lower right corner of the screen, then transferred to your media.
    16. Remove the media files transferred from your computer and connect it to your PS3.
    17. Turn off the PS3 system.
    18. Use the left and right arrows on the controller to return to the "Game" to scroll, then use the scroll up and down arrows on the "Saved Data Utility".
    19. Press the "X" to the list of related media, and press "X" to select the media is just connect to the PS3.
    20. Scroll to save the game, then press the "triangle".
    21. Scroll to "Copy" and press "X" to select it.
    After transferring the "PS3" folder and "SAVEDATA" on the media, you can simply copy any other game to save the downloaded files in the folder "SAVEDATA". It is not necessary to save the "PS3" folder and "SAVEDATA" for each downloaded game.

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    Copy PS3 Games

    How to Copy PS3 Games to a HDD

    Copy PS3 Games - The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), like other games in the seventh generation of home consoles, comes with a built-in hard drive that can store music, games and files to backup games, even integers. Using the PlayStation Store, which is in every PS3, players can download games from PlayStation One, or the entire PS3 games and copy them directly onto the PS3 hard drive.
    1. Turn on the PS3. Select the "Playstation Store" in the console in main menu.
    2. Select the option "Play" in the "PlayStation Store" menu.
    3. Select the "PS3" in the game menu, a list of PS3 games available for download. Select the game you want to download to get to the download screen.
    4. Select "Apply" to start downloading. If you do not have enough points in your wallet PlayStation online, you will be asked to add more. Use the information on your credit card or debit card to get more points to add to your portfolio and resume the download.
    5. Allow the PlayStation Store after the game has finished downloading. The game has been copied to your hard drive. You will find the game in the PS3 "Game" menu.

    How to Copy Games to PSP

    PlayStation Portable owners can play downloaded games directly from your PSP without a game disc These games include classic games Sony Playstation 1 and has developed a variety of games for the PSP. For players who can not through a wireless Internet connection for your PSP to download games, software can be downloaded to a computer or a PlayStation 3 and copied to the PSP.

    Copy a PS3
    1. Insert a Memory Stick Pro Duo in PSP, which has at least 1 GB of free space.
    2. Connect your PSP to PS3 via USB cable. The cable will be inserted into the mini USB for PSP and a standard USB slot on the PlayStation 3. Performance on both consoles.
    3. to navigate away from the PSP cross media bar on the left and select "USB Connection" from the "Settings".
    4. Use the controller for the PlayStation 3 "play" and "game data". then the game you copy from your PlayStation 3, the cross media bar.
    5. Press the "Triangle" at stake, you want to copy and select "copy". Then select the PSP from the list and press "X"
    6. Press the "O" from the PSP's USB mode after the game has been copied. The game can be found in the PSP games section.
    Copy from a PC
    1. Install to go on your computer supports. The program lets you download games on your PC and copy them to PSP.
    2. Insert a Memory Stick Pro Duo 1 GB of free space on your PSP. Connect your PSP to your computer via a USB cable and turn on the PSP.
    3. with the abandonment of the PSP cross media bar on the left and select "USB Connection" from the "Settings".
    4. Open Media Go and drag the game files to your media library of the PSP Go on the left menu Vai Media.
    5. Exit the USB mode when the file was copied and locate the game in the "Games" menu on the PSP.
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    PS3 Slim Problem

    PS3 Slim Problems - Even The Slim Has Errors, How To Approach Them

    Although the model can be improved the model PS3 Slim PS3 hardware, there were lots of reports from owners of the console on various topics, from infecting the system and cause a malfunction. Previous reports on the problems PS3 Slim has shown that many problems, such as the yellow light of death, the red screen of death and other fatal problems like these can infect your system. It can be difficult for consumers to recognize that even if they have invested in a piece of hardware upgrade, can become a victim of the same problems as the previous version of this device has been in the past, are eliminated. Since these problems are widespread, there have been many reports that have been created to help consumers resolve this problem as such, without the need to repair the other. As you continue with this article, you will notice a few reasons why the system developed this problem, and I could give you the opportunity to repair any broken PS3 system.

    PS3 consist of several components, if any of these items were to be damaged or even move an inch from its designated location, this can cause a number of serious malfunctions. Over the years, the problems of many PS3 users have been the result of this, it was demonstrated that some main components of these questions lead us to the highest percentage of time have been reported. These components include the processor, motherboard, floppy disk, hard disk and some other components.

    These disorders are not always hardware issues. This error can also develop from overheating problems when the console is not able to properly cool, it may be one of these errors, the factor obtained. One very important thing to note is the kind of environment that the system is in. This is something to prevent and even cure, your system problems like these. Just select the area you have set the system and see if the cold air can pass through the system efficiently.

    Well you see, these things can happen in these matters, for the development, you are now looking for a service that allows you to connect your system will be. Based on direct experience, I can confirm that you have to repair a couple of ways to PS3, but not all are effective.

    I have found that the best opportunity you have to repair any broken PS3 system is through a proper self-repair. I'm not detailing some type of thrown together instruction, such as something you might find on YouTube, I am speaking of something that will guarantee you a permanent fix for your system. If you want something that is going to show you how to fix your system you should visit this website: PS3 Broken-Fix Any PS3, and rid of your PS3 slim problems.

    PS3 Slim Troubleshooting

    The PlayStation 3 game console has been published in two editions since its inception in 2006 --- the "fat" models and the original "thin" new models. The models "Slim" are smaller than the original models and are less prone to problems such as overheating. Moreover, they lack some features that can cause problems if you try to perform certain actions that reproduce the "fat" models that have been successful.
    1. Ensure that the type of media you are actually trying to play is a format acceptable to the slim version of PlayStation 3, for example, some models were the "fat" PlayStation 3 can develop games for the PlayStation 2. There are simplified versions of the console backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 games. All versions are compatible with PlayStation 1 games, though.
    2. Visit the official PlayStation blog (see Resources) and ensure that the problem that are not flat on the console. For example, in April 2011, the PlayStation Network was taken offline because of illegal activity. There are no PlayStation 3 owners around the world could access the PlayStation Network during this downtime. The official blog regularly informed of these events, and can help determine if you have a problem with a Sony network or with your specific console.
    3. Save the settings on the back of the console original default values. If you have recently updated the settings of the Playstation 3 and now look at a difficult time playing games or movies will not solve the problem of the recovery point. Open the menu "Restore Defaults" "Settings" screen and select the main console.
    4. Place your PlayStation 3 to its original configuration. The Slim version of the PlayStation 3 offers an option that allows the user returns the device to work exactly as they have for the first time allowed rekindled. This removes all data from your hard drive and format and the entire system is more comprehensive than normal reset some settings. Open the "Settings" menu on the main screen of the console and select "Restore PS3 System."
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    PS3 Wireless Problem

    PS3 Wireless Internet Problems

    The capabilities of the PlayStation 3 Sony Wireless (PS3) allow you to connect your console to an arbitrary position in a house connected to the Internet via a wireless router. Troubleshooting is usually a simple process that PS3 Connection Wizard, an Internet service and a wireless router.

    Installing Internet PS3

    Select the "easy" when you set the PS3 to wireless internet. This option provides a wizard step by step instructions on how to address problems with the connection. If the connection does not work, repeat the steps in the wizard to check the settings.

    Internet access at home

    Use your home computer to check if the Internet is working properly. Otherwise, contact the ISP.

    Wireless Internet Router

    Check if your router to send and receive data. If possible, use another wireless device to test the connection. If you have problems in the documentation for your router.

    Router settings

    Make sure the correct wireless encryption (WEP for example) is added when setting the PS3. If you do not specify the right type of encryption is not possible to connect the PS3 to the router. Also make sure that the PS3 is the correct name and identification key for the router.

    Game specific issues

    If you're a PS3 game that does not connect to the Internet, go to the documentation of the game to see if the game supports online play you refer. If the game supports online play, and you can not access, there may be a problem with the PlayStation Network.

    How to Connect a Playstation 3 to Your Wireless Internet

    If you have a Playstation 3 with wireless LAN function, you can use to connect to the wireless Internet. Parameters for the connection to the Internet through the network are different, but if you have a typical network configuration, you should be able to connect your PS3 to the Internet, through this process.
    1. Ensure that the wireless Internet connection is active and in full force. Pull the plug on the PS3, when the Ethernet cable is connected to the system.
    2. On the PlayStation 3 game console, and select "Network Settings" option "Settings" from the main menu.
    3. Select "Internet Connection Settings" and select "Yes" if you say that the system has a new screen that you will be disconnected from the Internet.
    4. Select "Easy" on the next screen, you want to use any type of installation you are prompted.
    5. Select "Wireless" when it asks you what type of Internet connection you have.
    6. Select "Scan" on the next screen.The system will be available to all Internet connections for research in the region.
    7. Select the Internet connection at home when the screen displays the options available on the Internet. Select the security settings and enter the key. Save the settings.
    8. Check the connection by clicking on the button "Test Connection" option. If the connection is established, the network information is displayed on the screen.
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    PS3 Model Number

    How to Hook a PS3 to a Sanyo Model Number DS27930

    PS3 Model Number - The DS2730 is a Sanyo flat screen TV, game connectivity. Even if a PS3 game console released on high definition content, the DS2730 supports only standard-definition connections, a lower resolution that depends on an AV cable. Connect your game console to your TV is a fast process. Within minutes you can begin to see play your favorite games, movies, listening to music or surf the Internet.
    1. Locate the AV port on the back of the PS3.
    2. Connect the AV cable to the AV port on the back of the PS3 and connect the three pins (yellow, red and white) to open one of the RCA inputs on the back of the TV. The RCA inputs are also colored (yellow, red and white) so fit. The pencil is yellow video signals, and red and white pin for audio signals.
    3. On the TV, then turn the game console.
    4. Press the "Enter" on your TV or remote control and select "Video 1" and "Video 2" connected according to the RCA ports on your game console. You should see the PS3 XMB screen.

    What PS3 Models Can Have Wi-Fi Built In?

    Sony first released for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) at the end of 2006. There were two models: one with a 20GB hard drive and one with a disk of 60 GB. Both specifications of the hard drives are not the only differences. A model has a built-in Wi-Fi card and not the other. The first model of the PS3 20 GB is the only model without WiFi. Each has followed a wireless card.

    Model Numbers

    Outwardly, most PS3 the same, but inside the machine, each model is a bit 'different than the other. Sony has a unique model number is different for each release of a new PS3 system, including the features. Click Start, all models of PS3 have model numbers "Cech", but the alphanumeric combination that follows provides an overview of the characteristics of the machine. For example, the first two models and model numbers CECHB01 CECHA01, but only the A01 has Wi-Fi.


    Sony has released two models at the same time offering consumers a choice between a model with a higher capacity (CECHA01, with its 60 GB hard disk) and a version a bit 'less. The CECHB01 for $ 100 less than the capacity Wi-Fi, with a greater capacity used to detail. Use the Wi-Fi on all PS3 systems, 802.11 b / g wireless bandwidth that are not as fast as Wireless-N, which is the standard for computer networks at the time of publication.

    Other models

    After the first version of the PS3, Sony, including Wi-Fi in each of the following models. Sony released these models between March 2007 and September 2010. The models and different model numbers follow the pattern alphabet. For example, the CECHC01 an old model that CECHK01 or CECHL01 systems. All systems of C01-Fi

    Identification of models

    The model number is printed on a sticker on the back of every model of PS3. If you do not purchase the system again, or if you have your PS3 as a gift, do not know which model you have. The label of this information is located under the air vents on the left side of the back wall of the PS3 slim models and through the ventilation slots on the left side of your back on all other models. Please also read this article PS3 Warranty.

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    Playstation 3 No Video

    How to Repair a PlayStation 3 With No Video Output

    Playstation 3 No Video - The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a game system, available from Sony, which for many types of TVs, standard definition or high definition, unable to connect. You must use some type of video cable to connect the camera depending on the type of television. However, if there is no video from your PS3 to the TV, there are some things you can check to try to fix it before you contact Sony for their support.
    1. Check the connections are secure between the PS3 and the TV. One end of the cable should go to the video output of the PS3. The other end of the cable should go to the video input on your TV.
    2. Disconnect the PS3 from a VCR or DVD player when connected to one, and connect the device directly to the TV. The signal can be decomposed to pass through another device.
    3. Use a cable to watch the video again to see if the original cable is bad.
    4. Press the "Enter" key on the remote to find the video for the PS3. Some televisions, multiple video inputs and the bad times can be selected.
    5. Hold the power button on the PS3 until you hear two beeps. This causes the device will be reset to the default video settings.
    6. Connect the PS3 to another TV and go to the menu and make sure the resolution is set to 480p, at least for a standard TV.
    7. Connect the PS3 at home to watch television, whether it's a signal.
    so a few tips on how to Repair a PlayStation 3 With No Video Output. you can also read another article about the ps3 troubleshooting.

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    Troubleshooting Playstation 3 Problems

    How to Troubleshoot Playstation 3 Problems

    Troubleshooting Playstation 3 Problems - The PlayStation 3 (PS3) was, as the entertainment center all praise - a unit that can play Blu-ray DVDs, music and aussi network with a PC. The PS3 is likely that the same problems, the latest game console experience. Before you put your PS3 for repair, you should groped to solve some common problems.

    The most common problems

    1. When button "Power" button for 10 seconds to perform a soft reset. A soft reset is the PS3 version, if you are stuck in a frozen state.
    2. See the instructions for the disc and try to make sure it can be used with the PS3.
    3. Check all cables to make sure the device is properly connected to the manual. The PS3 must be connected directly to the TV or computer screen, how through the wiring All other devices can enable copy protection measures.
    4. Ensure that all connections are tight and replace worn or damaged cables will be displayed.
    5. Verify that the correct cables to connect to the Ethernet router. PS3 to DSL and broadband networks, capable of providing dial-up connection can not be used.
    6. Remove debris from the gold dust in the wind on the console and make sure you allow adequate air circulation. A "Power" button, which flashes red and green data and identify the device that is overheating.

    Audio and Video

    1. Check the mute on your TV or monitor, so that accidentally cut.
    2. Check all audio devices such as surround speakers to confirm that I am with the PS3.
    3. Make sure your TV or monitor attached, you must set the input channel.


    1. Press and hold the "Eject" for 10 seconds to unlock the disc is stuck inside all the PS3.
    2. Ensure that the disc has no scratches or nicks. Scratched or damaged disc is replaced.
    3. Ensure that all records created by the user directly in the NTSC standard has been completed.
    4. Ensure that parental control is not to intervene to seek all that you want to play or rotation.


    • Remove the drive of the PS3, provides otherwise ineffective.
    • Never put the PS3 is carpeted, has been designed for use on a flat surface.
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      Playstation 3 Green Light

      Repair the Green Light Error on PlayStation 3 Like This

      Playstation 3 Green Light - The suffering of your PS3 blinking green light error? Even if the PlayStation 3 is one of the strongest of this generation of consoles, it may still have problems of this type is common, which is flashing green, instead of working properly. This can be aggravating and annoying because it makes the console unusable. I mean, you look at the system for games and DVDs, is not it? Because if you can not do it. So I have to take these elements and help you solve your PS3, offering you some tips that can get back to work.

      Try these simple techniques at home to start working again:

      1. Turn the console on and off, to sit quietly on the memory card.
      2. If that fails, check all cables and make sure none of them are loose or damaged.
      3. If this does not solve the problem, unplug all cables and reconnect them in. This will ensure that none of them are not connected.
      4. Finally, if these three points have not resolved the PS3 blinking green light, then you must take the hard drive for 10 minutes and let the cycle of his memory. Then go back and try again.
      These tips will help you, in general, to work on the PS3 system to start, and can get rid of the horrible green lights flashing. But what if you do not work, you ask?

      Send your Sony PlayStation 3 Off To Repair

      The most common alternative, if you have problems after trying these suggestions are still there, the PS3 system to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. This is the best thing, because it can guarantee it will work if you get it back. The only real problem is that it will cost a considerable sum ($ 140 at times!) And usually still recover. I say six weeks or more. If you do not want to wait or pay, and you want to play, we talk about one of the other alternatives you have. And it is ...

      Solve problems PS3 flashing green at home

      If the board does not work, there is another way to get rid of flashing lights on the PlayStation 3 This is actually taking the system apart and fix the problem causing the inside. It 's the same thing, the Sony does, and costs that you do for $ 140, unless you own it and they pay nothing. I advise you not to do so without the knowledge or do a repair, though.

      It sets your PS3 blinking green light to look like something to do at home? Why not, if you save more than $ 100 and your PlayStation 3 to work within an hour or two! It is not that difficult if you know how, but I think even without proper guidance. I speak a PS3 repair guide that talks about going through the repair process step by step. Click to learn more about Playstation 3 repair guide.

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      PS3 Disc Drive Replacement

      How to Replace a PlayStation 3 Disc Drive

      PS3 Disc Drive Replacement - As a statewide advanced game consoles and computers offers the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a powerful hard disk (also known as a CD), which may suffer from general wear and tear or break completely. Instead of the system in a costly repair shop, you can save time and money to remove the old PS3 hard disk itself and its replacement by a new or used rescue.
      1. Connect a USB mass storage and backup of all important documents and pictures of the broken record when you can.
      2. Remove the USB device and turn on the PS3.
      3. Separate the power of the console game and let it cool before opening it groped.
      4. Place a soft cloth under the PS3 and turn the system upside down.
      5. Open the bolt and use the screwdriver to remove the hard drive compartment cover.
      6. Remove the blue screw with the screwdriver and slide the cover on the left side of the disc tray and place it next to you.
      7. Lift the handle and pull the hard drive of your system.
      8. Remove the metal frame around the disk by removing the four screws. Insert the disc, while grasping the edges firmly and remove it from the frame.
      9. By installing the new hard drive with a metal frame with four screws. Insert the disk in, slide the cover in its closed position and remove the blue screw bay, until the machine is complete.
      10. Connect the console to the supply and installation of system software by following the instructions on the screen.

      • Be sure to replace the hard drive in a clean, dry, and not lose the screws or the dust or dirt can enter the system.
      • If you want more space, you can buy a larger hard disk replacement.
      • Download and print the official manual PS3 hardware support to ensure good that replacing the hard drive and not having to replace the drive's warranty.
      • The hard drive is very sensitive and must be treated with the utmost care. It 's also sensitive to static electricity.
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      PS3 USB Headset

      How to Make a USB Headset Work With a PS3

      PS3 USB Headset - The PlayStation 3 has multiple USB ports that are used to charge the wireless controller to transfer data to and from portable storage devices and electrical accessories such as keyboards and headphones. The USB headset properly, as soon as he starts work in a port on the PS3 and the power of the console. If this is not the case, you need to change the settings of the PS3 system to turn on the device.
      1. Connect the USB headset into a USB port on the PS3 and the power of the console.
      2. Go to "Settings".
      3. Choose "Accessory Settings" and select "Audio Device Settings".
      4. Select your USB headset from the list of available options in the list "output devices".
      5. Select the headset from the list next to "Devices", if you want to play sound through headphones. Select your TV or screen, if you want the audio file to this device.
      Need to see where the sound comes from you, turn off the sound. To do this go to go to the micro level, and press X. You can move the number from 1 to 5 Move all the way up to fifth will be able to hear clearly, if you use the headset.

      How to Make the PS3 USB Headsets Work on the Wii

      You can make your Playstation 3 USB headset with other gaming systems that use USB functionality. Connect the headset to communicate with the Nintendo Wii online with other players and improve the audio experience on your Nintendo Wii game has a USB port on the back of the console, allowing you to connect a headset or another device on the Wii hardware.
      1. Turn on your Nintendo Wii.
      2. Connect the headset cord into the "USB" port on the back of the Nintendo Wii.
      3. Turn on the Wii to start sending audio to the headphones.
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