Ps3 Troubleshooting No Picture

In this troubleshooting guide and PS3, you will learn how to fix the error "no image" on the console. If no image appears on the TV screen when you try to play your favorite games or watch Blu-ray, then read on to learn how to solve this problem. Troubleshooting no picture PS3 error is not as difficult as you might think at first.

Very often, the reason is that there is no picture on your PS3 console very simple and does not cause too many problems to be addressed. For this reason, if you restore the PS3 graphics display error of a few simple steps you should follow before groped something more complicated. Here are the facts about what you should try:

1) Make sure your TV has chosen the correct input. For example, you may be wrong HDMI input, which means that even if everything works properly, you do not see anything, because you are actually in the wrong "channel" are. Make sure you have selected on your TV.

2) You can also pay to see through all the options available (usually by pressing the "AV" or something similar), if you or someone else has accidentally changed a setting to scroll it. This is often the case, if you share a television with other people.

3) Take the cable "AV" from your PS3 and you blow the dust on the connector and the cable connected to the port. Insert the cable, then you get to see the PS3, get rid of the error is no picture. Sometimes the cable can come out if your PS3 moved or bumped, and no video can show why. Also check the connection that goes on TV in the same way.

PS3, hopefully one of the three above-mentioned steps to resolve the problem without photos attached to the console and lets you back into the game as soon as possible.



file system is corupted but after its done restoring it turns black


file system has been corupted every we let it restore itself it says system restart itself but it turns black after restoreing.

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