PS3 Troubleshooting HDMI

HDMI Cable Problems With a PS3

PS3 Troubleshooting HDMI - The Playstation 3 uses a single cable called HDMI for high definition video and audio to be transferred to an HDTV. There are a lot of convenience to a single cable for all that, but there are also a number of issues that may arise from the HDMI and how its technology works. Some of the most common problems with PS3 HDMI cable and what you can do about it.

No HDMI Cable is Connected to The Living Room

The HDMI cable keeps the PS3 version because of friction, because there is a sort of locking device. Since the HDMI cables are heavy, it is easy to bend for them and the severity of the traction of the PS3. Ensure that there may be stress on the HDMI cable to avoid this.

The HDMI Cable is Bent

The HDMI cable is bent as is often between the output of PS3 and the arrival of HDTV, with which it is used, to rotate. This can lead to disorders of the video signal, as well as physical damage. The solution is a right angle HDMI adapter that will go into the PS3 and then attached to a vertical grip for the HDMI cable to get. This eliminates any burden, and also uses gravity to help the HDMI cable instead of the PS3.

HDMI Does Not Transmit The Video

Check the HDTV (or video monitor is used) is set to the HDMI input to use to connect to the PS3. Make sure that the HDMI was selected in the PS3 "Settings" and is factory set to "Automatic".

The Video Freezes or Black

Turn off the HDTV and PS3. Turn on your HDTV and set the input that the PS3 HDMI cable is connected. Turn on the PS3 with the power button, then 5 or 6 seconds, let go after the second beep. This should automatically configure your PS3 to the native resolution HDTV video.

HDMI Transmits Audio

Check if HDMI in the PS3 "Settings" is selected and the Dolby Digital audio is not selected in the settings. "If you select Dolby Digital audio is transmitted only by the optical audio output and not through the HDMI cable.

Blu-Ray Can Not Be Seen

The content protection system may have problems if the HDMI and Blu-ray allows you to synchronize properly. Turn off the HDTV and the PS3 and turn it back on your HDTV. Turn on the PS3 and wait for the menu is displayed on the HDTV. Load the Blu-ray and wait for the menu screen. Click on the icon of the Blu-ray to play it.


With a cheap HDMI cable can cause problems because of the internal structure of the poor. Buying a quality HDMI cable from a reliable source is recommended. There is less chance of a problem with a HDMI cable if it is 3 meters, as if it was 12 meters. We recommend using a length as short as possible.

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