PS2 Games on PS3

How to Play PS2 Games on PS3

PS2 Games on PS3 - Even though they are all currently on the market for a while 'there are models of the Sony PlayStation 3 games console that was compatible with PlayStation 2. This means that these special PlayStation 3 could play PlayStation 2. If you own one of these models, there are only a few steps away from all your classic games on the gaming system 21 st century.
  1. Check if your PlayStation 3 is one of the models are able to play PlayStation 2 games. Some models are able to play games for the PlayStation 2 and some models are not. The only models that can play games for the PlayStation 2 are those that include four USB ports. If your PlayStation 3 has two USB ports, not a model that can play PS2 games.
  2. Turn on the PlayStation 2 game disc into your PlayStation 3 hard. Not exactly the same way you can have a PlayStation 3 would put in the CD player.
  3. Allow the PlayStation 3 is the DVD player automatically. After a few seconds, the system recognizes that there is a CD in the drive and run it. The game will load and you can control with the PlayStation 3 controller.

How to Configure a PS3 to Play PS2 Games

PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been designed to play in high definition and the entire library of original PS games. Depending on the model of PS3 you have, you can play PS2 games. PS3 consoles are configured to be compatible, PS2 games are stored on the console of the virtual memory card, while ensuring that the game runs well on console with PS2 games.
  1. Make sure your PS3 is backwards compatible with PS2 games. The models with 20 GB or 60 GB hard drive is compatible when released the 80 GB models are CECHE01 with the model number. PS3 Slim model are not compatible with PS2 games.
  2. Turn on the PS3. Vai to cross the "game" mean, and scroll down to select "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)." Press "X"
  3. Select "Create new internal memory card" highlight and press "X" "Memory Card (PS2)," and press "X" to take the memory card of 8 MB of memory on the PS3. Name the map and select "OK".
  4. Cross media, and scroll to "Settings". Scroll down to "Game Settings" and press "X"
  5. Select "PS/PS2 upscaling" and set to "Normal" when you are on a widescreen high-definition television, or in "full screen" when the game is played on an HDTV in full screen.
  6. Select "PS/PS2 Smoothing", and set to "On". This will facilitate the textures in the PS2 games, which should be displayed for the graphics a bit 'better.
  7. Insert a disc in the PS2 game console. Start the game the "Game" of the cross media bar. Press "X" for the PS2 game would launch the PS3.
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