PS3 Warranty

How to Purchase a PS3 Extended Warranty

PS3 Warranty - The Playstation 3 comes with a one year warranty from Sony, if bought new from a dealer. However, most users will have more of the console, and may decide to purchase an extended warranty to protect against the cost of repairs due to faulty hardware or software. Note that an extended warranty can be purchased during the first 6 months after the purchase of your PS3. The warranty extension is the same with the one-year warranty that comes with every console.

1) Open the Sony Style "PS3 service plans" website. A link under "Resources".

2) Select the gray "price" in the center of the page.

3) Select the service you want to buy. Note that the only service is planned for "Service Plan 2 Year" PS3, "Service Plan 3 Year" and "plan of four years of service."

4) Click the following link on your service plan, select "add to cart".

5) Select the system "PlayStation" drop to fill the "Product" down menu, then purchase the desired information in the pop-up. Click "Next".

6) Click the orange button "Checkout" on the right side of the screen.

7) If you do not already have an account Sony Style, the information in the context of "I'm not a Sony Style account" to finish when you do this, enter the information in the "I own a Sony Style account" section.

8) Enter your shipping address and payment information, then click on the orange "Review Order" button on the right side of the page.

9) Check all details are correct and click the orange "Buy Now" button on the right side of the page.

How to Remove a PS3 Warranty Sticker Without Damaging It

Removing the warranty sticker that is found on the outside of the PlayStation 3, or PS3, gaming console allows you to perform maintenance on the inside of the device, such as cleaning its laser. Due to the nature of the sticker's adhesive, attempting to rip the sticker off the PS3 using your finger nails or a knife likely results in your ripping or otherwise damaging the sticker. A common hairstyling device allows you to easily lift the sticker without ripping it or scratching the surface of the PS3.

1) Look at how the sticker is placed on the PS3, noticing exactly how it rests on the console. Some warranty stickers, for example, are at an angle while on the device. Knowing this information allows you to eventually replace the sticker in its exact original location without anybody noticing you ever moved it.

2) Plug in a hair dryer. Turn it on to a "medium-high" setting. Wait a few minutes so the dryer heats up.

3) Place the dryer's nozzle a few inches away from one corner of the warranty sticker. The heat slowly eliminates the adhesive from the sticker. Move the nozzle slightly back and forth over the sticker's corner until the corner lifts up off the PS3 console.

4) Hold with your index finger and thumb the corner of the sticker you lifted off the PS3. Place the nozzle of the hair dryer an inch or two away from the lifted part of the sticker. Wait until you notice roughly half of sticker lifted up off the console's surface.

5) Place the nozzle of the hair dryer near one of the other two corners of the sticker still attached to the PS3. Slowly pull the corner of the sticker off until the entire sticker comes away safely from the device.

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