PS3 Laser Replacement

How Did I Fix PS3 Laser Problems?

PS3 Laser Replacement - PS3 Laser Problem has often been reported recently. Many players have tried to replace their lasers, but it still does not solve the problem? Why? What would you do to solve the problems PS3 Laser?

First, we want to research this issue PS3. How can you say laser has encountered a problem with your PS3? You can try the following symptoms: games load slower than usual, do a little 'or all disks rotate "Disc Read Error" appears on the screen. And if games keep skipping or stopping in the middle of the shop, you will also need a PS3 laser problem.

Laser problem, of course, is done on the PlayStation 3. Since the laser PlayStation 3 is easily scraped off the damaged disk, or simply the accumulated dirt. For this reason, many players choose to replace with a new, first, the problem every time the laser. But most of them reported the same problem after the exchange. Why?

The general consensus is that it is necessary to replace a whole new PS3 laser assembly. In fact, when I arrived on the PlayStation 3 laser problems, I replaced the same laser and it worked. But within 24 hours, the problem occurs again, or maybe even worse. The substituted with a different laser and others. But this does not work.

At the suggestion of my best friend, I finally bought a laser unit (the KES-400A), which cost almost the same as the laser itself. Now I can enjoy my PS3 again. I think a lot of loyal players who knew the installation of a laser. Beginners have problems with this part of the repair work. Here, I suggest you learn from a reliable PS3 repair guide. Remember to choose a repair manual with step by step images and videos.

How to Replace a PS3 Laser Lens

The PlayStation 3, which is by most standards, a reliable console. Like any piece of electronic equipment, but the PlayStation 3 in the current problems. A problem that may occur the failure of the laser that reads the disc itself. Replacing the laser can seem a daunting task, but the process is fairly simple.

Dismantling a PS3

  1. Remove the "feet" rubber on the left side and the bottom of the PlayStation 3. These screws walk home is removed.
  2. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws through the slots on the left side of the console. Insert the screws on the side.
  3. Insert the upper part of the PlayStation 3 on the left side. Note that you may have some strength in you slide the cover to be used if you have not done before. Replace the top cover on the side with the screw.
  4. Remove the seven screws on the cover with the screwdriver. After removing all the screws, insert it with other parts removed.
  5. Lift the case in the rest of the console. If needed, use the screwdriver without hooks on the back to clear.
  6. Disconnect the data cable to the PS3 hard drive. Be very careful when removing these cables, as they may damage the laser instead of the least of your worries.
  7. Unscrew the top of the Blu-Ray box to expose the Blu-Ray and laser.

PS3 Laser replacement

  1. Remove the plastic cover lift spinner wheel with a screwdriver. Force does not need much to do. Use your first remove the Phillips screws on the black panel and remove the cover to enter the eye.
  2. Remove the screw on both sides of the laser. Once removed, slide the laser and the file.
  3. Remove the metal supports axes, axis and white ribbon cable from the old laser and put it on the new laser
  4. Insert the new laser slowly in housing and unscrew the screw can be removed before taking the laser.
  5. Install the PlayStation 3 and turn it on to test the new laser. If you read the discs, the laser is working properly.
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PS3 Red Screen Repair

How to Fix the PS3 Red Screen?

Popularly known as "PS3 Red Screen of Death", is a known issue that has not appeared in the old PS3. Now it is on numerous boards Forum "will be discussed on the Internet. The only thing he says when red screen appears on the screen is to contact tech support from Sony. This is a good option if your warranty has not expired, because otherwise you would pay about $ 150 for the repair. Even when conveniently pay this sum that Sony still waiting 4-6 weeks for repair.

I wrote this article, you have another option, and that is get a PS3 repair guide. PS3 Repair Guide a good show, not only focuses on how the PS3 red screen problem, but all the other issues to be resolved as well. And yes, that means showing you how to fix your own PS3. Although at first this something that would never be forthcoming, especially the idea of ​​opening the console and fix it myself a little '"fear" is displayed. Believe me, it is far away, especially if you have a manual.

I would not offer to solve the problem of PS3 red screen on their own without a guide good enough, why make it worse if you try to follow the wrong procedure. PS3 Red Screen is mainly a problem regarding the hard drive firmware or software / PS3. In some cases it may be a problem with the motherboard. Now that you know where they can see the problems, we can guess that this is not a good idea to play with these items, without an appropriate repair manual.

They may have been looking for a PS3 repair guide on the internet and if you are then you've probably noticed that there are many PS3 repair guides available out there. To make it easier for you, I have done extensive research and found a guide that is the best of my knowledge when it comes to repairing your PS3. The manual will set the PS3 as Light, and is created by an artisan PS3 professional with extensive experience in the field. This can be a leader himself, has made sure that everyone can understand, we'll see. Light Fix PS3 offers simple steps, videos and many pictures you have to take the steps you must follow.

If you have decided to fix the PS3 red screen, even then, I urge you to visit my site, where a detailed examination of the PS3 Fix the light guide and more information can be found on users most common PS3 problems of how the experience of PS3 Flashing red light PS3 and the light of death.

Tips To Fix PS3 Red Screen of Death

PS3 Red Screen of red background with the error message noted, "A serious error has occurred. Please contact technical support." It 's quite annoying, because you can not do anything with the console and you can not get on the screen. What can you do to get a PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix?

PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix-Tips

  1. Just turn it on and go. This works in mysterious ways ... sometimes.
  2. If this method does not work, try restarting the console Place your console in standby mode (if it shows the red light), then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until you hear two beeps. Will return the settings of the console, but should not affect your hard drive.
  3. Turn off the console, unplug all cables except the power cord and plug the red PS3, perhaps caused by a slack cable.
  4. Test the hard drive and put it on the instructions for doing this in the user manual. Perhaps the hard drive is not connected properly.

We hope to solve the above tips on the PS3. However, one of the above tips will give you a ff PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix types, then you end up with two options: send your PS3, Sony PS3 or a good guide and secure the same PS3.

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PS3 Troubleshooting HDMI

HDMI Cable Problems With a PS3

PS3 Troubleshooting HDMI - The Playstation 3 uses a single cable called HDMI for high definition video and audio to be transferred to an HDTV. There are a lot of convenience to a single cable for all that, but there are also a number of issues that may arise from the HDMI and how its technology works. Some of the most common problems with PS3 HDMI cable and what you can do about it.

No HDMI Cable is Connected to The Living Room

The HDMI cable keeps the PS3 version because of friction, because there is a sort of locking device. Since the HDMI cables are heavy, it is easy to bend for them and the severity of the traction of the PS3. Ensure that there may be stress on the HDMI cable to avoid this.

The HDMI Cable is Bent

The HDMI cable is bent as is often between the output of PS3 and the arrival of HDTV, with which it is used, to rotate. This can lead to disorders of the video signal, as well as physical damage. The solution is a right angle HDMI adapter that will go into the PS3 and then attached to a vertical grip for the HDMI cable to get. This eliminates any burden, and also uses gravity to help the HDMI cable instead of the PS3.

HDMI Does Not Transmit The Video

Check the HDTV (or video monitor is used) is set to the HDMI input to use to connect to the PS3. Make sure that the HDMI was selected in the PS3 "Settings" and is factory set to "Automatic".

The Video Freezes or Black

Turn off the HDTV and PS3. Turn on your HDTV and set the input that the PS3 HDMI cable is connected. Turn on the PS3 with the power button, then 5 or 6 seconds, let go after the second beep. This should automatically configure your PS3 to the native resolution HDTV video.

HDMI Transmits Audio

Check if HDMI in the PS3 "Settings" is selected and the Dolby Digital audio is not selected in the settings. "If you select Dolby Digital audio is transmitted only by the optical audio output and not through the HDMI cable.

Blu-Ray Can Not Be Seen

The content protection system may have problems if the HDMI and Blu-ray allows you to synchronize properly. Turn off the HDTV and the PS3 and turn it back on your HDTV. Turn on the PS3 and wait for the menu is displayed on the HDTV. Load the Blu-ray and wait for the menu screen. Click on the icon of the Blu-ray to play it.


With a cheap HDMI cable can cause problems because of the internal structure of the poor. Buying a quality HDMI cable from a reliable source is recommended. There is less chance of a problem with a HDMI cable if it is 3 meters, as if it was 12 meters. We recommend using a length as short as possible.

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PS3 Mic

How to Use a Mic on a PS3

PS3 Mic - The PlayStation 3 (PS3) media console allows the player to view and share files, photos, music, themes and games, surf the Internet and video games online with friends or strangers. If you want to communicate with friends on the PS3, all you need is one mic compatible with PS3. By connecting the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and fix a couple of audio settings, you can vote via the PlayStation Network (PSN) to listen in minutes.
  1. Insert the PS3 compatible with the micro USB cable into the USB port on the front of the PlayStation 3. Turn on the PS3.
  2. Go on the "Settings" in the right corner of the XMB. Once the icon is highlighted, scroll to "Accessory Settings" and press "X" on the controller for the PS3.
  3. Go to "Audio Device Settings", then select the "Input Settings". Wait a few seconds for your PS3 to recognize the external USB device's microphone.
  4. Select "USB microphone" and press "X" on the controller for the PS3. After a successful connection to the main menu by pressing the "O"-button three times on the controller.
  5. Start the game and start communicating with other players. The PS3 and the game will automatically detect the USB microphone as an audio receiver and allow you to talk through them.

How to Make Sound Come Out of Your Mic on a PS3

The PlayStation 3 from Sony is compatible with most Bluetooth headsets, allowing you to connect the device to the console so you can communicate with other users in online gaming. When you bind a non-Sony equipment with the PS3, noting that many users who want to hear the sound through headphones, which is the voice of the other players, usually comes from the speakers, which can cause confusion. This setting can be changed manually on the PS3.
  1. Controlled by the PlayStation 3 in the main menu with the PS3 controller's analog sticks. Selecting items from a menu, press the "X" to go from one screen to select or cancel the operation, press the "Circle".
  2. Select the "Settings" menu. Scroll down to "Accessory Settings", then choose "Audio Device Settings".
  3. Choose the "Output Device" option. Set on "wireless headphones", then select "OK" and save the setting.
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    PS3 Freezing Fix

    Quick Methods To Fix Your Freezing PS3

    PS3 Freezing Fix - There are many errors that plague many PS3 that are sold today. It can be very disappointing, you buy a $ 300 system and then find out that in the future, has undergone something of a system failure. It can be very frustrating dealing with a situation like this, but is also quick and easy solutions that are applied in order to be able to solve the problem, as the fix for the PS3 freeze.

    There are so many PS3 people who have experienced the freezing bug. I know how frustrating this kind of thing may be that his vision of his eye. This problem is the system in an unusable state could not function as one, but for a short time before it freezes. There are many ways in which this problem can be solved, and I'll show you some of the most basic upgrades that can be applied.

    PS3 Freezing Fix:

    1. Make sure that is not affected by heat, place your PS3 in a well ventilated area where air can circulate through the system. Your problems can easily freeze the system when there is sufficient fresh air in passing, that increases the temperature inside the console, causing a system crash.
    2. Ensure that all cables are secure and that there are no loose cables. It can be very simple, but it can crash the system.
    3. Connect the PS3 and wait five minutes before restarting. Probably does not work for most people, because the problem is probably deeper than a simple reboot.
    These are the basic fixes that could be the solution to your problem, but in reality, the problem probably is not as easy to solve. I understand the feeling of a PS3, which is in a state, and uselessness is the problem immediately. If you really want to see what exactly is the problem with the current system, there are many directions you can take to find a solution.

    Tips on Fixing a PS3 That Freezes All of the Time

    The Playstation 3, like all video game console is not without bugs and problems. These include the freezing, in which the panel stops and stop responding to the actions of the player. During the freezing problems are usually transient, persistent frost can be frustrating. In some cases, you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

    Turn Off

    While the PS3 is turned on, the processor being continually generated heat. This heat increases gradually in the long term and can cause problems with the streets for a period of activity. Finally, processor overheats, it can freeze and in the worst cases, cause some internal components melted. To avoid this, test the console from time to time, and allows to cool. This is particularly important if you have not played for a long time. After the passage of the console, leave it for half an hour, cooling to take place. Also, try placing the console in an area of ​​decent air circulation to prevent overheating of the PS3 are still trapped inside, which adds to avoid heating problems.


    Overheating is not a problem if the console is not a need for ventilation. If this happens, it could be the result of supporters who help the PS3 to a safe temperature and no longer function. Check the bottom of the console, you will see a fan there. If this does not turn, you can try a cooling pad under the console when it is turned on. If this does not stop the console before the freeze, you must find a replacement fan.


    Another cause of freezing is that the cable can connect the PS3 to come loose or be damaged. With the console and cooled, you can try, unplug all cables from the back of the system. Sometimes, just plug too quickly solve this freezing problem because the problem is a cable that came out was caused. In other cases, the problem will be the result of a damaged cable, check all cables and replace all seem defective.

    Hard disk

    A hard freeze can sometimes vaguely connected to the root of a problem is if the PS3 system's hard disk securely attached to the cable. Hard disks can be damaged, which can lead to problems, freezing, in this case, you must buy a new hard drive or repair.

    Game review

    Sometimes a mistake is to freeze the game disc itself. The disk can cause errors if it is dirty. Try gently blowing on the game disc or disk maintenance with cleaning materials, to correct this. If the problem persists freezing, check the disc from scratches, the performance can be compromised, and try to play PS3 on another device. If the game does not freeze at PS3 the other hand, it is likely that your console itself is at fault. If another console is not available, you might see a different game on the ps3 if it freezes in this game as well.

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    PS2 Games on PS3

    How to Play PS2 Games on PS3

    PS2 Games on PS3 - Even though they are all currently on the market for a while 'there are models of the Sony PlayStation 3 games console that was compatible with PlayStation 2. This means that these special PlayStation 3 could play PlayStation 2. If you own one of these models, there are only a few steps away from all your classic games on the gaming system 21 st century.
    1. Check if your PlayStation 3 is one of the models are able to play PlayStation 2 games. Some models are able to play games for the PlayStation 2 and some models are not. The only models that can play games for the PlayStation 2 are those that include four USB ports. If your PlayStation 3 has two USB ports, not a model that can play PS2 games.
    2. Turn on the PlayStation 2 game disc into your PlayStation 3 hard. Not exactly the same way you can have a PlayStation 3 would put in the CD player.
    3. Allow the PlayStation 3 is the DVD player automatically. After a few seconds, the system recognizes that there is a CD in the drive and run it. The game will load and you can control with the PlayStation 3 controller.

    How to Configure a PS3 to Play PS2 Games

    PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been designed to play in high definition and the entire library of original PS games. Depending on the model of PS3 you have, you can play PS2 games. PS3 consoles are configured to be compatible, PS2 games are stored on the console of the virtual memory card, while ensuring that the game runs well on console with PS2 games.
    1. Make sure your PS3 is backwards compatible with PS2 games. The models with 20 GB or 60 GB hard drive is compatible when released the 80 GB models are CECHE01 with the model number. PS3 Slim model are not compatible with PS2 games.
    2. Turn on the PS3. Vai to cross the "game" mean, and scroll down to select "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)." Press "X"
    3. Select "Create new internal memory card" highlight and press "X" "Memory Card (PS2)," and press "X" to take the memory card of 8 MB of memory on the PS3. Name the map and select "OK".
    4. Cross media, and scroll to "Settings". Scroll down to "Game Settings" and press "X"
    5. Select "PS/PS2 upscaling" and set to "Normal" when you are on a widescreen high-definition television, or in "full screen" when the game is played on an HDTV in full screen.
    6. Select "PS/PS2 Smoothing", and set to "On". This will facilitate the textures in the PS2 games, which should be displayed for the graphics a bit 'better.
    7. Insert a disc in the PS2 game console. Start the game the "Game" of the cross media bar. Press "X" for the PS2 game would launch the PS3.
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    PS3 Controller Parts

    How to Replace PS3 Controller Parts

    PS3 Controller Parts - You can replace the parts inside your Playstation 3 controller, if you do not work properly, but probably void your warranty if you open to replace the parts. The controller has a circuit and a plurality of buttons and strings, and it is possible to replace some parts for the new problems that come together to fix the controller.
    1. Unplug the controller from the Playstation 3 console. Turn the knob so that the show back up.
    2. Remove all the screws on the handle of the PS3 and set it aside. Remove the lower part of the housing controller. Disconnect the battery from the controller board. Remove the screw on the bottom, the center of the table.
    3. Slide the shoulder buttons to move up and off the board. Remove the control board. Connect a new battery on the map, if you replace the batteries in the controller.
    4. Remove the white plastic buttons on the map to access the PS3. Shoot the key slot and press the buttons on the new site. Place the rear panel in the control and reduce the shoulder buttons. Put the screw in the bottom center of the order. Place the card and the battery controller. Replace the lower housing to the controller and the screw.

    How to Buy Playstation 3 Parts

    Like any piece of electronic equipment, the Playstation 3 (PS3) has many parts, some of which may fail during the life of the console. If you feel confident in your ability to replace the broken parts, you can save money by fixing the Playstation 3 alone. There are several vendors who sell Playstation 3 pieces, and some of the components inside the PS3 can be replaced with other electronic devices.
    1. Diagnose the problem. If you try to fix your Playstation 3, make sure you are not spending money on the wrong parts. Spend some 'time to study and try to isolate the part that does not work. For example, what appears to be a disk of a faulty connection or a flexible cable may be bad.
    2. Check the model of PS3. The Playstation 3 has many different references, including at least two radically different models: the original PS3 and PS3 Slim. Most parts are interchangeable, but some only work on the correct model.
    3. Identify the desired part. Once you diagnose the problem and know the model, do a simple Internet search for this part. You can also look on auction sites like eBay or on sites like PSXBoy dealer.
    4. Considering the purchase of a defective product Playstation 3 If you can not find a part you need, you can probably find work in a non-working PS3. Check eBay for PS3 real auction. If the auction is not clear what is broken on PS3, please contact the vendor for clarification. Do not buy a broken PS3, if you're not sure which part should work.
    5. For spare parts of other electronic devices. Some PS3 parts can be replaced with general electronic components. An example is the hard drive of the PS3. Most portable, 2.5-inch SATA drives are compatible with the Playstation 3 Be sure to back up data to external storage media like a USB flash drive before exchanging hard drives.
    6. To verify the change PS3 hardware. If the system works well, but you want to jazz it up, you can purchase the hardware changes. Mods materials may be new cases, fans or fluorescent lamps.
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    PS3 80GB

    New Playstation 3 80GB Console Review

    PS3 80GB - Finally, after months of speculation, the new 80GB Playstation 3 is in the United Kingdom and is like a big hit this Christmas! Find. The 80GB PS3 will support 40 GB version, which will be discontinued after all securities have disappeared ... The 40 GB PS3 has had bad press because they have lost their capacity to save, but this has now changed.

    The new Playstation 3 80GB version much better! The new chip is more advanced, quieter and much cooler. The big difference is, do not be too distracted by noise, will not have problems with overheating, and you'll get the best performance.

    One thing that surprises me every time, is the fact that even if all you wanted was a Blu-Ray, this device would be less than half of the other options on the market! Moreover, it has two USB ports, the ability of the Internet, the best game console on the market, you can also use it as an external hard drive for music and photos!

    Even with the new PS3 80 GB, you can download the new Dual Shock 3 controller, which is really excellent, and gives you many answers. The game selection is somewhat limited at present, there are many games, but I do not think that the full potential of the console itself was still much exploited, but I'm sure will be resolved in the next year.

    The Powerful 80GB Sony Playstation 3 Game Console

    As the desire for Sony to offer consumers more fun than ever was possible, has released the powerful new PlayStation 3 game console with a 80GB hard drive in May 2008. With its new design, more memory and greater speed, is considered the last PlayStation 3 and replace the 60GB PlayStation 3 for popularity.

    The new Playstation 3 has an 80GB hard drive storage space to download about 30% more than the 60GB model. The pre-installed Linux hard drive can be useful to those who want their PlayStation 3 console into a complete computer system. In this way the console as a computer can be used - for applications that go beyond editing and retouching gaming.Video are examples of applications running under Linux on PS3 could be.

    As a video player still is the most complete games, allowing the larger memory and Linux-powered developer of games for the console games more exciting about this engine as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Motorstorm basic introduction. Start with the announcement of the download service, Sony's new film for the PlayStation 3 this summer in the U.S., the 80GB hard drive, users can contain more high-definition movies on their PS3.

    One of the most promising of the new Playstation 3 80GB Blu Ray technology, the graphics on this system much better than ever. Furthermore, the capacity of Blu-Ray allows commercial films that are compatible with the reproduction blue ray. So, Sony is building the new PlayStation 3 80 GB, not only as a game console, but also as a home entertainment center built into the game system, cinema system and platform.

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    PS3 Blu Ray Drive

    How to Replace a PS3 Blu-ray Drive

    PS3 Blu Ray Drive - If your PlayStation 3 (PS3) is no longer recognizable games or Blu-ray, the internal dysfunction of the console, Blu-ray or dead. If the PS3 is under warranty, you can send the console back to Sony for repair. If not under warranty, the cost of repair will be expensive. This will save a considerable amount of money by replacing the Blu-ray disc. Used and reconditioned spare disks can be found online or in stores that sell for a fraction of the cost of sending the Sony console.
    1. Unplug the power cord and all cables from the PS3 PlayStation 3 Set on a table with the front facing up. Use a screwdriver to remove the rubber screw cover on the left side of the PS3.
    2. Use the Torx T10, remove the screw under the rubber cover.
    3. Slide the PS3 as the console on the left side. After removing the clips, lift the plate and remove.
    4. Remove the seven screws that secure the cover. Tape the screws on the top cover near their positions, so you can easily replace the PS3 assembly.
    5. Raise the rear part of the top cover. Outside the PS3 base. Gently shake the top cover toward you until it is completely devoid of basis. Put the cover aside.
    6. Remove the Blu-ray, the power cord from the socket on the motherboard.
    7. Take up the Blu-ray player, not screwed Locate the ribbon cable to the bottom of the disc. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard by blocking the plug and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Remove the old Blu-ray.
    8. Reconnect the ribbon cable to the spare drive to the motherboard. Enter the new internal hard drive. Assemble Connect the power cable to the motherboard and again, the PS3.

    How to Clean the Blu-Ray Drive on a PS3

    The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is an advanced game console with a Blu-Ray. The Blu-ray is only for the PS3 to play Blu-ray with very high levels compared to standard definition DVDs. Unfortunately, the Blu-Ray to collect dust and can be cleaned to the highest quality work possible. Once you know the correct procedure and have disassembled the PS3, the cleaning can be done.

    Disassembling the PS3

    1. Remove the screws that are under the rubber feet on the left side than on the PS3, and security Torx screw that rests on the top cover. Perform this procedure in an environment free of static electricity and remove the PS3 from the power source.
    2. Push the black plastic cover on the left of the PS3, then remove it. There are seven more screws that are currently removed.
    3. Remove the lid and allow the two small tabs using a small screwdriver, gently, without breaking them.
    4. Remove the large silver box, which is Blu-ray, about 2 inches to reveal a large banda. Pulling the tape and the power cable near the front of the unit. Blu-ray will be closed.

    Cleaning the Blu-Ray

    1. Turn the player upside down, shows that the sub-board upward. The two screws on the edge of the board and the metal clips on the two later. Keep an eye on hand during removal and installation of the Blu-Ray.
    2. Remove the six screws on the top plate of the head portion of the Blu-Ray.
    3. Remove the connectors on the circuit by lifting and pulling on them. Lift the card which are linked from the strip. Gently pull the tape and remove the card. Bring the 'unit and lift the top cover to remove it.
    4. Remove the four screws under the top cover. Once the four screws are removed, further dissolution at the center of the rear edge of the converter. Lift the rear cover of the inside of the disk where the lens is exposed.
    5. Remove excessive dust blown by the player. Apply the cleaning solution in your lens cotton applicator and gently wipe the lens with a circular motion. Use the other end of cotton in a circular motion around the lens to be dried.
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        PS3 Warranty

        How to Purchase a PS3 Extended Warranty

        PS3 Warranty - The Playstation 3 comes with a one year warranty from Sony, if bought new from a dealer. However, most users will have more of the console, and may decide to purchase an extended warranty to protect against the cost of repairs due to faulty hardware or software. Note that an extended warranty can be purchased during the first 6 months after the purchase of your PS3. The warranty extension is the same with the one-year warranty that comes with every console.

        1) Open the Sony Style "PS3 service plans" website. A link under "Resources".

        2) Select the gray "price" in the center of the page.

        3) Select the service you want to buy. Note that the only service is planned for "Service Plan 2 Year" PS3, "Service Plan 3 Year" and "plan of four years of service."

        4) Click the following link on your service plan, select "add to cart".

        5) Select the system "PlayStation" drop to fill the "Product" down menu, then purchase the desired information in the pop-up. Click "Next".

        6) Click the orange button "Checkout" on the right side of the screen.

        7) If you do not already have an account Sony Style, the information in the context of "I'm not a Sony Style account" to finish when you do this, enter the information in the "I own a Sony Style account" section.

        8) Enter your shipping address and payment information, then click on the orange "Review Order" button on the right side of the page.

        9) Check all details are correct and click the orange "Buy Now" button on the right side of the page.

        How to Remove a PS3 Warranty Sticker Without Damaging It

        Removing the warranty sticker that is found on the outside of the PlayStation 3, or PS3, gaming console allows you to perform maintenance on the inside of the device, such as cleaning its laser. Due to the nature of the sticker's adhesive, attempting to rip the sticker off the PS3 using your finger nails or a knife likely results in your ripping or otherwise damaging the sticker. A common hairstyling device allows you to easily lift the sticker without ripping it or scratching the surface of the PS3.

        1) Look at how the sticker is placed on the PS3, noticing exactly how it rests on the console. Some warranty stickers, for example, are at an angle while on the device. Knowing this information allows you to eventually replace the sticker in its exact original location without anybody noticing you ever moved it.

        2) Plug in a hair dryer. Turn it on to a "medium-high" setting. Wait a few minutes so the dryer heats up.

        3) Place the dryer's nozzle a few inches away from one corner of the warranty sticker. The heat slowly eliminates the adhesive from the sticker. Move the nozzle slightly back and forth over the sticker's corner until the corner lifts up off the PS3 console.

        4) Hold with your index finger and thumb the corner of the sticker you lifted off the PS3. Place the nozzle of the hair dryer an inch or two away from the lifted part of the sticker. Wait until you notice roughly half of sticker lifted up off the console's surface.

        5) Place the nozzle of the hair dryer near one of the other two corners of the sticker still attached to the PS3. Slowly pull the corner of the sticker off until the entire sticker comes away safely from the device.

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        PS3 Power Supply

        How to Repair PS3 Power Supply Fuses

        PS3 Power Supply - Protection of the gaming console PlayStation 3 is weak and prone to shoot at the slightest provocation electricity. If the fuse is blown, the PS3 has stopped working and replace the fuse. Under the PS3 in time and money costs of the garage, so it's best to replace the fuse can be done with minimal effort and allows you to go back to reading.
        1. Unplug the power cord to the PS3 and PS3 on a clean work surface. Remove the screws in the two rubber feet on the left side of the PS3 with a screwdriver. Slide the housing and set aside.
        2. Remove the seven screws from the body, which is now exposed. Unhook the two clips on the back of the case. Take a corner of the box and remove it. Putting aside the case.
        3. Remove the screws at the top of the food. Set the screws aside. Disconnect the plug going to the power of the board by pulling straight. Lift and remove the power of PS3. Unplug the power cord to the back of the power by pulling straight. Plug the power supply side.
        4. Unplug the AC adapter and remove the fuse pulled. Clean the area where the fuse blowing with the brush of camel's hair was. Remove the spare fuse and put it in your room and see who is sitting in position. Connect the power cord to the mains. Insert the back power to the position on PS3. The plug from the back of the card into the socket. Screw the power supply to the PS3.
        5. Put the case to the PS3 in order to cover the supply and circuits. Place the two clips on the back, and again in the seven screws. Slide the outside back for the PS3 and the screws on the left under the two rubber feet. Connect the power cord and turn on the PS3.
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        Playstation 3 Slim

        The faithful PlayStation 3 owners will no doubt have their console. You can find some fantastic pictures and gameplay that this machine has benefited in recent models of PlayStation. But is the latest version of PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 Slim called a little 'more than your standard upgrade. There are new features and gadgets that are not backward-compatible with the original PS3 model. If you already have, you should buy Sony PlayStation 3 or stay just the way you are?

        New PS3 Slim Design

        Okay - the new Playstation 3 is not like the old model. The entire console is smaller and smarter. It 's also very easy to find in just 7 pounds of weight. Gone are the shiny plastic look for a matte black surface. I like it, but not all. The dimensions of the main console is 12 inches by 12 inches by 2 ½ inches wide. (In metric that is 290 mm x 290 mm x 65 mm wide). Its small but still more than, say, the Nintendo Wii.

        Watt - The power of the PS3 Slim is needed some 'reduced from 280 to 250 watts. Do not run quite as hot as previous models.

        Slim PS3 Technical Spec.

        A good thing to note is the hard drive from 80 GB to 320 GB has been increased. I'm sure the players will hit more severe in the upper part of the specification range. This is a very high degree of future-proof hard disk capacity, which should save the freed memory with new games with high intensity in the coming seasons. The hard drive can be removed from the device, although still not sure why this really matters. If the unit fails, upgrade to the latest machine, however.

        Compatibility of new PlayStation 3 Slim

        In three words - there are none. This is due to the fact of two things. In the first place, the need to modify the machine to handle the new controller "Move". Secondly, added gameplay features that were unavailable in the original PS3 and are now required to keep pace with competitors console - seem particularly the 360. So, the PS3 Slim is not compatible

        Is it really worth buying if you have a PS3Slim the old model?

        The first thing is that if you've never owned a PlayStation is the model to beat all. It is equipped with a Blu-ray Disc that was a year ahead of Xbox 360 The table is to indicate whether the art and is currently the best on any console.

        For the current owners, is a bitter pill to swallow when you've invested so much money on games for your old PS3 model. I would say that you want to know, make sure you buy a new slim version with a big bundle of games and added to make the new controller "Move" is worth it.

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        Best HDMI Cable For PS3

        Best HDMI Cable For PS3 - Game console PlayStation 3 from Sony is a company. They are the highest consoles sold worldwide, although a formidable competitor like Nintendo. There are several models of video game consoles of this company. You can connect the console to the TV and reading. But when it comes to connecting it, the cable that makes the difference.

        This cable, allowing you to connect to define the type of TV signal you hear the music in HD plastic frame and great music surround speakers. Now you must understand the difference and importance of the cable to connect to the PS3 and TV. PS3 HDMI Cable offers superior video quality from your PS3, and for this you must use an HDMI cable, high-definition video and audio can buy.

        PS3 HDMI Cable is in a rectangular jack cable to give you high-quality resolution of the original television. The transmission rate is 5 gigabytes per second, PS3 HDMI to the TV. So in short trip to a high-definition movies require only a signal up to 2.2 gigabytes. Analog cables are larger and of lower quality than the PS3 HDMI cable. These are new digital cable and, as a wireless network connection, where the screen is not really important. The important thing is that you do not need hundreds of dollars on getting a PS3 HDMI cable cable.The is an important thing that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to spend on getting the PS3 HDMI cable.

        PS3 HDMI Cables for the Ultimate Gaming Excitement

        In a time when the high-definition entertainment market, the rules, because players must remain behind the PS3? The HDMI Cable has become the de facto standard for high definition digital peripheral ports. It combines the audio and video cables in a convenient format, so you can easily source the high-definition devices. With the new HD series of cables that connect the PS3 to Sky HD to help set-top box, HDTV and HD DVD players, you can still enjoy your favorite games for PS3, with excellent picture quality and sound quality.

        There are a variety of PS3 cable at affordable prices to enhance your gaming experience of quality These cables are available in a wide range of specifications and prices also on your wallet. The cables are available in lengths from 2m to 10m. So do not forget to choose the best for your needs. PS3 HD adapter coupler is designed to connect two HDMI cables without signal loss. This HDMI cable and the screen has a durable, black PVC coating that provides defense against foreign interference and helps maintain the integrity and purity of the digital signal. All cables and adapters are available and 1080p and HDCP equipped with gold plated connectors. The HDMI cable promises to transfer audio and video in the amount of 5GB/sec. If you would like to offer a clearer picture and sound quality, then this cable is a must have for your PS3. This HDMI cable will cost much less than other HDMI cables expensive, but offer the same quality if not better. Now the PS3 games are looking fantastic on your HD TV 1080p LED. Most of these HDMI cables are also compatible with Ethernet and Ethernet-capable HDMI provides the advantage of also capable of carrying all your favorite Internet content in a single cable.

        There are also high-end of the cable for demanding customers as Monster Cable GameLink PS3 HDMI digital audio / video cable, which is dielectric gas for maximum signal strength for the entire length of the cable has a jacket flexible Duraflex protection.

        Do you think that suits your needs for cable options available, so you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with your PS3. For players who demand the ultimate in audio and video quality, there is no alternative to high-definition quality, so do not forget to take home to improve your game experience

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        PS3 Wont Read Discs

        PS3 Wont Read Discs - Now, many PS3 owners have to answer this question together once or watch for a while 'during the period of their PS3, that means: "It' s really possible to repair a home console when the PS3 will not play if the disc or PS3 will not play DVDs? "Well, the answer is yes, is it really possible to set a console at home, if the PS3 does not play DVDs or made another mistake. The fact is that many people are interested in these days still very concerned about how to repair the house to fix their consoles for repair services from Sony, not only time but also very expensive. If you fix your console from Sony when the PS3 will not play the disc you want to be mentally prepared to spend up to $ 150 for him! At the same time you have a large number of patients for Sony is to take about 6 weeks for your machine.

        PS3 will not play a disc? Solve the problem as an expert

        Well, if you choose to auto-fix method is intended to repair your console, the first of these that you need a repair guide is reliable. A repair manual or user is a kind of digital learning program, to help solve the problem all by yourself, right in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is follow the instructions properly in the manual are available to implement an effective solution for your console when the PS3 will not play when the DVD or PS3 will not play.

        How to choose a higher education to repair your console when the PS3 will not play the disc

        When it comes to choosing a repair guide to fix a PS3, then you will not be able to read, games and DVDs goes, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that you have the leadership needed to go and buy a more reliable , and for the mission:

        1. Reliable developer: This is a very important thing to keep in mind. Make sure that the direction of an experienced engineer knows, the PS3, what he does, has been developed. This is not only important to obtain effective redress for the console, but at the same time, be sure to ask for help from the seller, if you need it.
        2. Quick Fix: Another very important factor to consider. Always a leader in providing a quick fix for a bug PS3. There are guided tours available on the market that can give a solution within hours.
        3. Reliable repair method: If you want to restore your console at home, if the PS3 will not play DVDs, the PS3 does not play? Make sure you have a repair manual that provides repair techniques, which comes from Sony itself. A manual means may not be able to give a guarantee, but a guide of high quality.
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        Repair PS3 Controller

        Repair PS3 Controller - The Sony Playstation 3 is one of the most popular gaming systems on the market right now. It is a good system that is appreciated by many people. The only thing I do not like is the errors that occur sometimes be repaired with the system, fix a PS3 controller and PS3 console.

        If you've seen one of these following errors when reading or put on your Sony Playstation 3, then you are not alone:
        • PS3 controller error
        • YLOD (yellow light of death)
        • Freezing of errors
        • Error codes
        • Disk error
        • Red-Screen
        • Green Light

        You have two choices when a controller of the PS3 to fix repair, or a PS3. The first is to contact Sony and get instructions for sending your system for repair. If the system is still under warranty, it may be the best option, but you should be aware that it could take several weeks to restore the system and that could cost $ 150 or more. If you have data on the hard disk of the PS3, then you must find a way to take him to see if the hard disk will be erased during the repair.

        The second option, which can be interesting if the PS3 is already past, the guarantee is to do their own repairs. Yes, you can learn to repair your PS3 comment! This is a good PS3 repair manual available online, written instructions and video demonstrations included. It was designed by a man who has a Playstation 3 repair business in Melbourne.

        The PS3 Manual contains a detailed book in PDF format, with images to illustrate the various stages. It also comes with a complete set of videos that show how various repairs. Remember, there are many different errors that can turn off the PlayStation 3 system, repaired by an error does not guarantee that it will never appear in a different problem.

        This PS3 repair manual will be able to handle any errors that may cause problems on your system to solve the problem. When you pass the yellow light of death, or red screen, or three beeps - will not have to wonder what to do! You will be able to get the repair guide and have set things in a few hours or less.

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        Sony PS3 Repair

        How Sony PS3 Repair Works

        Sony PS3 Repair - If you feel uncomfortable, and not your regular tasks, people tend to consult your doctor for professional advice. Similarly, if a piece of equipment, tell your PlayStation is broken, you need to check or repair. Otherwise, as you can enjoy your favorite game console to play on a course? Just as our bodies, the PS3 also has regular checks to keep the game in perfect conditions. Accidents do happen and can not go wrong. In our efforts to maintain health, we must also ensure that our play equipment in order to serve better and longer. If the PS3 does not work well, Sony PS3 needs fixing.

        They want to know, Sony PS3 successfully repair by an authorized service center completed and we can resurrect the integrity of the panel returns to its previous state. Problems of a yellow or red light and some software or hardware problems will be addressed, whatever your concern may be. Sony has a dedicated service for your equipment problems. All you need is to find online the address of the nearest technician or call the telephone number listed in the Security Manual. Repair Sony PS3 console can return to its former glory. If you are a parent of a note, please read the safety of children playing PlayStation.

        If you see the console to overheat or malfunction in any way, disconnect the power and the damage. Overheating can be caused by the extended season. This causes the heat to the pasta and set up a malfunction of sensitive parts. If this is the case, PS3 repairs should be carried out by a specialist. To avoid this, put the PS3 in a well ventilated area, preferably with a fan to increase ventilation. Limited playing time, especially during the lunch break, when the sun is hot outside, because it adds moisture to the plant. Too much humidity and heat can cause short circuits and, in turn cause a malfunction.

        To find a good craftsman, you can search the site for the Sony Service Center nearest you. The website provides information such as address and phone number, you need to speak with them before putting in the damaged panel. Take a look around for the cost of the service at low prices. If the situation requires it, ask for a discount. Repair of quality Sony PS3 is not hard to find, if you know where to look. After clicking on the desired position the console constantly checked to talk to the engineer and tell him what happened. As soon as he discovered the real cause of the problem, the faster it can repair your equipment. Just like visiting your doctor, the mechanic is repairing the Sony PS3 after discovering the cause of making trouble. Then ask the technician how long it would take to repair it. More damage means more to repair, even if you can not say when the console is no longer usable. If this is the case, it would be better to buy a new PS3, instead of spending a fortune on PS3 repair, not to fix the equipment breakdown.

        As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry, and that rings true, and with our PS3. Once the console has been solved, you can return to a comfortable playing experience. Do you take care of him, is how you take care of your body take over.

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        Refurbished PS3

        Many players are buzzing about the fantastic results of the PlayStation 3. The incredible graphics and updated most of the games are people all over the world looking for a great deal on these systems. If you want to save money and still enjoy the benefits of the PS3, think about buying refurbished PS3.

        If buying a used PS3 at risk?

        Buy refurbished PlayStation 3 might seem risky idea, but it can be done easily, if you're careful. The key to buying something refurbished, be it a PS3 or a PC, is to guarantee that comes with a warranty. This ensures that when you get the products at home and not work properly, the memory will be immediately replaced at no cost to you.

        One advantage of buying a game system refurbished, is that it is much cheaper. You can easily shave at least a hundred dollars per unit price, unless you buy a whole new system. You might also consider grouping your system with games and accessories, save even more money for the purchase.

        Where you can create the best price PS3 Revised

        Renewed for the game consoles are available in various places. Your first option is to buy on the Internet, where thousands of retailers and offers used machines. Be careful, and do not buy a product without any warranty. Protect your identity only through the use of secure payment methods for online purchases.

        Another option is to buy in a local game store. Most of these dealers have set up a person in the store, the system again. They will then turn around and sell these consoles with guarantees for ridiculously low prices. If you have any kind of problems that the game is to help engineers save more for the repair at no cost to you. As you can see, this means buying a PS3 is not going to spend a fortune. It simply means that you do a little research and find a new system that is right for you need.

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        Playstation 3 Repair

        What is a Playstation 3 repair guide?

        Now I only begin to explain that a Playstation 3 repair guide ebook is well documented that gives you step by step instructions with pictures are more technical problems with the PS3 drive. The good thing about a PS3 repair guide is that it explains things so simple that even the least technical person might happen to fix, even a PS3.

        Currently, most of the guide 3 is Playstation repair of options to repair any errors, depending on the quality of the courses of leadership. Even the most common mistakes can be a thing of the past, as the yellow light of death error and the red light flashing. Everything could be solved permanently.

        The advantages of owning a PS3 repair guide

        The biggest thing I hear is the best thing is that there is no need to spend $ 150 sending your console away to be solved. You also want to decide how long you expect to repair rather than have to wait 4-6 weeks. Which is also a great advantage that, if something goes wrong, went to the Guide to life in a way that you look to manage and repair your system, no matter how big or small the problem.

        Another advantage is to make money. While solving your PS3, you're still learning the road is much better. I, however, to sell the PS3 console in the ground broken for about $ 100 and after the repair for about $ 100. Enormous profits to be there.

        What to look for when buying a Playstation Repair Guide

        When you buy a PS3 repair guide you need to stay away from high prices, you should not pay $ 100 - $ 150 for one. I know, guided tours, which are $ 30 and doing very well. This also applies to lower the prices of your PS3, you need to do, so do not take this opportunity to a guide $ 12.99. $ 60 - very good guide can be purchased for $ 30.

        The Playstation 3 repair guide is expected to be a user with video repair guides which I consider essential to be accompanied by further technical work. You need to reply with a money back guarantee for 60 days, if for some reason can not come to your console. Similarly, good Playstation 3 Repair Guide comes with a support team you have access 24/7 for it, you can do to help repair you need.

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        How to Download Games to PSP

        How to Download Games to PSP? Attempting to download games for PSP? Few people dispute the excellence and diversity of the Sony PSP, but unfortunately, many people consider games to be very expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of places and methods we use to download games on our PSP can, and better yet, it is still legal!

        How to Play PSP Download Step 1

        Your regular PSP games on UMD discs or come as they are known. When you download games on PSP, but want to be by them, directly on a memory stick / card. (Some people call them memory sticks, and some say, memory cards, but in reality they are the same thing.) Of the 32 MB standard memory card PSP is not easy to be a great game should be enough to download, WBS owners usually get the largest you can afford. Today you can find relatively affordable models 2 or 4 gigs on eBay and Amazon easily. Once you have your new memory card, you must first be formatted. Basically it's like wipe the slate clean before using it, so be sure to do it.

        How to Play PSP Download Step 2

        You have to find a place to download games down. There are hundreds of sites online that allow you to download games for PSP, but unfortunately not all are reliable, if you go in the wrong places, you will encounter many problems and can also configure your computer with spyware. Not good! Make sure you choose a reputable site, PSP Games-the most reliable are those who pay a small fee in advance and then you have access to download unlimited downloads.

        How to Download Step-3 games on PSP

        Once you start downloading to your computer, you should only download files with the extension "PSP" or "PSP" in the title, because they are the only files compatible. It may be noted that no reliable sites out there trying to give all types of files for download, so be sure to check everything twice before downloading. When you download games I have stored on a small folder on your desktop called "PSP downloads because it is simply the best place!

        How to play PSP-Step 4 Shop

        Now that you have downloaded a selection of games, you'll need your PC to the memory card from your PSP. It 'very simple, all you need is a standard USB cable to connect the two, and the PC must then identify the PSP as a form of a removable drive, like a flash drive or removable HD. All you need to do from here, to open your PSP to your PC and drag the desired files to the PSP memory stick a lot, as you would any other removable media. If you do this, you must send the files to a folder named PSP then GAME on your memory card. If none exist, create it and I recommend, with capital letters.

        How to download games onto PSP-Step 5

        Once the transfer is complete, you should be able to play on your PSP simply by opening the game menu and choose the games of the barrel. Any mistake or error messages are probably due to incompatible firmware, this is especially true when downloading homebrew games. It may be necessary to downgrade the PSP to play these homebrew games.

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        Playstation 3 Bundles Deals

        Every player knows that the PlayStation 3 offers the best gaming experience on any system on the market. If you have a loved one who loves playing video games, this is the last gift you have ever dreamed. Although the system can be expensive in normal circumstances, you can save money by buying the cheapest bundle for PlayStation 3. The main reason why I wrote this article is to help you find the best prices all year on this game console

        What to consider when buying a PS3 bundle

        If you purchase a package, it will include several things. First you get the game console needed to play. You will also get a controller and packages may be two controllers that allow you to enjoy two games. You will also get a memory card and a game or two.

        To get the best deals on PlayStation 3 bundle, look at shopping in different places. Compare prices and find the one offering the best product for your money. You should also consider a list of things to include in your package.

        If there are some games that most interest you, try to find a package that contains. If you want to control two players, make sure you find a package that includes a minimum. If you want a wireless controller, which might also be available in a lump sum.

        Sometimes you can ask the dealer to customize your package for you. They contain all the items you really want, and then discount the price because you buy all products at once. If you do not offer their own packages, whether the elements for the games you want to replace that as much as possible.

        To get the best deals on PlayStation 3 bundle

        Buy PlayStation 3 games bundles, and it's easier if you use the Internet. You can create new systems, refurbished or used systems. The key is making sure you always buy something that is under warranty and nothing less than what you really want to solve.

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        Playstation 3 Console Deals

        Whether you're shopping for a birthday or just because you love someone, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. How to buy gifts for your loved ones, you are likely to be someone on your list who loves and appreciates video games to come. You can buy these games in different places, but you should always compare prices, get the best savings. Follow these tips to find your new PlayStation 3 console.

        How can you find the best deals for PlayStation 3

        The most obvious way to get a good deal on a PlayStation 3, is to buy a used system. You can buy these systems from thrift stores, game stores, or online. Console can be used as a good option, make sure they are covered by a guarantee, if you have problems with them. There's nothing worse than running a bunch of money on a game system and then find out it does not work properly.

        Another possibility is to see in the package. Most dealers offer these options, where you can game consoles, controllers, and a few games to get in one package. It is money buying the equipment in a pile of them and not save it as single elements.

        Shopping for special sales is a good time to find your new play equipment. Most electronics stores and play centers, are at their systems PlayStation 3 times a year, so keep an eye on the sales flyers. You can make a stunning price, if you are willing to fight for the masses, and go to the center on days when there are great promotions.

        If you are not fighting against the crowd, you can also purchase your system from these online retailers. Find online coupon codes to save even more on your package. Sometimes you can also score free shipping if you spend a certain amount or the use of coupons.

        Final Word to search for the PS3 Offers

        No matter who you are for shopping, is able to offer PlayStation 3 to get a little 'research. You can book online or at your local mall store and find all the necessary equipment. Make it a package and save even more for all that is written for the player in your life to its banners.

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        PS3 YLOD FIX

        PS3 YLOD Fix:

        If the Xbox 360 red light of death, the PS3 also has a version for themselves. This is called YLOD or Yellow light of death known. Funny as it sounds, this is actually a major equipment problem that the PS3 has been due to overheating of the motherboard. It can also happen if the PS3 is exposed to cold conditions, as well. This welding is part of the motherboard is damaged and broken can be mislead PS3 YLOD. But there is a patch to fix the PS3 YLOD, you can also do it yourself.

        It sounds too scary. I want to attach to Sony.:

        It 's normal that you do not want to give expert to solve the YLOD PS3, but this is not the only option you pursue. There is no problem, of course, and if you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a motherboard is replaced, all right. But there is no need to be replaced on the motherboard to start. What this means is that you can save a lot of money to send not only the PS3 for repair, in particular to fix the PS3 YLOD. If you're a hardcore gamer, you may also have a problem, send the unit for repair, because you can not see for weeks, how to repair. Try these situations through the use of staff in order to avoid fixed.

        There is a fix that I do everything myself?

        It 's certainly a solution for everything you can do yourself. If you fix the PS3 YLOD is so much information that is accessed online. This information is compiled by others who are able to successfully use its solution to the YLOD. Check out YouTube tutorial to see how they do it and just read the documentation and repair instructions for more information. This is the easiest and most economical fix YLOD PS3 you need to revive your unit.

        You can visit this site CLICK HERE

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        Blinking Red Light On PS3

        So you want to learn how to repair a flashing red light on the PS3? You must be red or yellow light of death and probably some questions about why it happens and how you can fix your PlayStation. As a player, I know it can be very uncomfortable if something happens to your game system, causing it to break. There are some things I know the PS3 blinking red light, so you know, you have to do to solve the problem.

        The most common cause of red light flashing on the PS3 is due to overheating of the motherboard. All I know is that after intensive research, when I tried to fix my PlayStation. Also, when I called Sony, they told me it cool to room temperature for 4-5 hours before the test, they need back.

        Another cause of the red light flashing on the PlayStation is the hard drive from overheating. This is a very simple setting of the motherboard (though no repair is hard to do). With the hard drive of the PlayStation and the challenge, you may be able to shed light stops blinking, so you can return to your party.

        Something else you should check out the PlayStation is the son of repair can be loosened. Check for loose his son. Otherwise, start the console. The next thing that you can try disconnecting any Son except the power cord and plug it back in. If you do not do the trick, then you will need to take other measures.

        Sometimes this happens, what happened to the GPU or the CPU is not tied to come inside the PS3. This is the main reason for the flashing red light or yellow light that people suffer with their PlayStation. This often happens when people do their PlayStation for a long time, as Sony has not made adequate ventilation in the console.

        As for the red light flashing on the PS3 version? Unless you have a PlayStation mechanical know, you have two choices. You can send your console from Sony and allow them to repair for you for $ 150 - $ 300 or you can use a PS3 repair guide that will show you how to find the repairs themselves. CLICK HERE.

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        PS3 Not Reading Discs

        Frustrated, Confused, Angry? Here Is Your Solution - PS3 Not Reading Disc

        Is that your PS3 will not play video games on disc not more? You also continue to occur, even if you are a new game that has absolutely no scratches or smudges on the disc? This issue is PS3 owners were reported in several in recent years and the growth of other reports. Many people are very frustrated and angry when they discover that their system is not able to play their records. At the beginning, when many PS3 owners get this error message, have no idea what happened in its system is. They are puzzled about what could have caused this event and the way it should solve the problem. This is one of the main reasons I want to explain now why this error occurred on your system, and I'll give you a solution that will solve the problem.

        First, will reveal some details on why this error can be seen on your system. This is a problem that develops in many systems PS3 and can in fact be derived from the system by various factors together. You could start coming up with the idea that this problem may be from a failed hard drive to come, but the problem may actually lie somewhere else entirely. When the amount of complex components that this system, a plurality of different parts, which could be caused this problem. Although various reports, it was essential that this problem may consist of components such as hard disk, CPU, motherboard, hard disks, etc., and come

        The end result is that the system is a component that has a malfunction. As a result, you now have two options you choose for your console permanently solve this problem. Even if the different levels of research, I concluded that the options you need to do is send your system to Sony for repair, or simply repair the system yourself, which can occur very easily.

        I will continue to provide a comparison of fingerprints between these two options. The first thing you notice is the price that is placed on each of them. With a self-repair, you will pay less than $ 40, but with a repair service Sony will be provided at least $ 150 bill. Now I will describe what time you must wait for the repair to take place. With Sony wait at least 6-8 weeks, but with an auto-repair, you can work your system in less than an hour.

        Now you have a basic understanding of why the system has this error and your choices when developing your PS3 repaired. Now the choice is yours, you want more of the selling price of the system to pay for the repair? Do you want to wait eight weeks before you can use the system again? If you want to be the best opportunity that must be repaired in your PS3, you should immediately click here: PS3 Not Reading Disc

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