PS3 80GB

New Playstation 3 80GB Console Review

PS3 80GB - Finally, after months of speculation, the new 80GB Playstation 3 is in the United Kingdom and is like a big hit this Christmas! Find. The 80GB PS3 will support 40 GB version, which will be discontinued after all securities have disappeared ... The 40 GB PS3 has had bad press because they have lost their capacity to save, but this has now changed.

The new Playstation 3 80GB version much better! The new chip is more advanced, quieter and much cooler. The big difference is, do not be too distracted by noise, will not have problems with overheating, and you'll get the best performance.

One thing that surprises me every time, is the fact that even if all you wanted was a Blu-Ray, this device would be less than half of the other options on the market! Moreover, it has two USB ports, the ability of the Internet, the best game console on the market, you can also use it as an external hard drive for music and photos!

Even with the new PS3 80 GB, you can download the new Dual Shock 3 controller, which is really excellent, and gives you many answers. The game selection is somewhat limited at present, there are many games, but I do not think that the full potential of the console itself was still much exploited, but I'm sure will be resolved in the next year.

The Powerful 80GB Sony Playstation 3 Game Console

As the desire for Sony to offer consumers more fun than ever was possible, has released the powerful new PlayStation 3 game console with a 80GB hard drive in May 2008. With its new design, more memory and greater speed, is considered the last PlayStation 3 and replace the 60GB PlayStation 3 for popularity.

The new Playstation 3 has an 80GB hard drive storage space to download about 30% more than the 60GB model. The pre-installed Linux hard drive can be useful to those who want their PlayStation 3 console into a complete computer system. In this way the console as a computer can be used - for applications that go beyond editing and retouching gaming.Video are examples of applications running under Linux on PS3 could be.

As a video player still is the most complete games, allowing the larger memory and Linux-powered developer of games for the console games more exciting about this engine as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Motorstorm basic introduction. Start with the announcement of the download service, Sony's new film for the PlayStation 3 this summer in the U.S., the 80GB hard drive, users can contain more high-definition movies on their PS3.

One of the most promising of the new Playstation 3 80GB Blu Ray technology, the graphics on this system much better than ever. Furthermore, the capacity of Blu-Ray allows commercial films that are compatible with the reproduction blue ray. So, Sony is building the new PlayStation 3 80 GB, not only as a game console, but also as a home entertainment center built into the game system, cinema system and platform.

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