PS3 Controller Parts

How to Replace PS3 Controller Parts

PS3 Controller Parts - You can replace the parts inside your Playstation 3 controller, if you do not work properly, but probably void your warranty if you open to replace the parts. The controller has a circuit and a plurality of buttons and strings, and it is possible to replace some parts for the new problems that come together to fix the controller.
  1. Unplug the controller from the Playstation 3 console. Turn the knob so that the show back up.
  2. Remove all the screws on the handle of the PS3 and set it aside. Remove the lower part of the housing controller. Disconnect the battery from the controller board. Remove the screw on the bottom, the center of the table.
  3. Slide the shoulder buttons to move up and off the board. Remove the control board. Connect a new battery on the map, if you replace the batteries in the controller.
  4. Remove the white plastic buttons on the map to access the PS3. Shoot the key slot and press the buttons on the new site. Place the rear panel in the control and reduce the shoulder buttons. Put the screw in the bottom center of the order. Place the card and the battery controller. Replace the lower housing to the controller and the screw.

How to Buy Playstation 3 Parts

Like any piece of electronic equipment, the Playstation 3 (PS3) has many parts, some of which may fail during the life of the console. If you feel confident in your ability to replace the broken parts, you can save money by fixing the Playstation 3 alone. There are several vendors who sell Playstation 3 pieces, and some of the components inside the PS3 can be replaced with other electronic devices.
  1. Diagnose the problem. If you try to fix your Playstation 3, make sure you are not spending money on the wrong parts. Spend some 'time to study and try to isolate the part that does not work. For example, what appears to be a disk of a faulty connection or a flexible cable may be bad.
  2. Check the model of PS3. The Playstation 3 has many different references, including at least two radically different models: the original PS3 and PS3 Slim. Most parts are interchangeable, but some only work on the correct model.
  3. Identify the desired part. Once you diagnose the problem and know the model, do a simple Internet search for this part. You can also look on auction sites like eBay or on sites like PSXBoy dealer.
  4. Considering the purchase of a defective product Playstation 3 If you can not find a part you need, you can probably find work in a non-working PS3. Check eBay for PS3 real auction. If the auction is not clear what is broken on PS3, please contact the vendor for clarification. Do not buy a broken PS3, if you're not sure which part should work.
  5. For spare parts of other electronic devices. Some PS3 parts can be replaced with general electronic components. An example is the hard drive of the PS3. Most portable, 2.5-inch SATA drives are compatible with the Playstation 3 Be sure to back up data to external storage media like a USB flash drive before exchanging hard drives.
  6. To verify the change PS3 hardware. If the system works well, but you want to jazz it up, you can purchase the hardware changes. Mods materials may be new cases, fans or fluorescent lamps.
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