PS3 Red Screen Repair

How to Fix the PS3 Red Screen?

Popularly known as "PS3 Red Screen of Death", is a known issue that has not appeared in the old PS3. Now it is on numerous boards Forum "will be discussed on the Internet. The only thing he says when red screen appears on the screen is to contact tech support from Sony. This is a good option if your warranty has not expired, because otherwise you would pay about $ 150 for the repair. Even when conveniently pay this sum that Sony still waiting 4-6 weeks for repair.

I wrote this article, you have another option, and that is get a PS3 repair guide. PS3 Repair Guide a good show, not only focuses on how the PS3 red screen problem, but all the other issues to be resolved as well. And yes, that means showing you how to fix your own PS3. Although at first this something that would never be forthcoming, especially the idea of ​​opening the console and fix it myself a little '"fear" is displayed. Believe me, it is far away, especially if you have a manual.

I would not offer to solve the problem of PS3 red screen on their own without a guide good enough, why make it worse if you try to follow the wrong procedure. PS3 Red Screen is mainly a problem regarding the hard drive firmware or software / PS3. In some cases it may be a problem with the motherboard. Now that you know where they can see the problems, we can guess that this is not a good idea to play with these items, without an appropriate repair manual.

They may have been looking for a PS3 repair guide on the internet and if you are then you've probably noticed that there are many PS3 repair guides available out there. To make it easier for you, I have done extensive research and found a guide that is the best of my knowledge when it comes to repairing your PS3. The manual will set the PS3 as Light, and is created by an artisan PS3 professional with extensive experience in the field. This can be a leader himself, has made sure that everyone can understand, we'll see. Light Fix PS3 offers simple steps, videos and many pictures you have to take the steps you must follow.

If you have decided to fix the PS3 red screen, even then, I urge you to visit my site, where a detailed examination of the PS3 Fix the light guide and more information can be found on users most common PS3 problems of how the experience of PS3 Flashing red light PS3 and the light of death.

Tips To Fix PS3 Red Screen of Death

PS3 Red Screen of red background with the error message noted, "A serious error has occurred. Please contact technical support." It 's quite annoying, because you can not do anything with the console and you can not get on the screen. What can you do to get a PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix?

PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix-Tips

  1. Just turn it on and go. This works in mysterious ways ... sometimes.
  2. If this method does not work, try restarting the console Place your console in standby mode (if it shows the red light), then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until you hear two beeps. Will return the settings of the console, but should not affect your hard drive.
  3. Turn off the console, unplug all cables except the power cord and plug the red PS3, perhaps caused by a slack cable.
  4. Test the hard drive and put it on the instructions for doing this in the user manual. Perhaps the hard drive is not connected properly.

We hope to solve the above tips on the PS3. However, one of the above tips will give you a ff PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix types, then you end up with two options: send your PS3, Sony PS3 or a good guide and secure the same PS3.

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