Blinking Red Light On PS3

So you want to learn how to repair a flashing red light on the PS3? You must be red or yellow light of death and probably some questions about why it happens and how you can fix your PlayStation. As a player, I know it can be very uncomfortable if something happens to your game system, causing it to break. There are some things I know the PS3 blinking red light, so you know, you have to do to solve the problem.

The most common cause of red light flashing on the PS3 is due to overheating of the motherboard. All I know is that after intensive research, when I tried to fix my PlayStation. Also, when I called Sony, they told me it cool to room temperature for 4-5 hours before the test, they need back.

Another cause of the red light flashing on the PlayStation is the hard drive from overheating. This is a very simple setting of the motherboard (though no repair is hard to do). With the hard drive of the PlayStation and the challenge, you may be able to shed light stops blinking, so you can return to your party.

Something else you should check out the PlayStation is the son of repair can be loosened. Check for loose his son. Otherwise, start the console. The next thing that you can try disconnecting any Son except the power cord and plug it back in. If you do not do the trick, then you will need to take other measures.

Sometimes this happens, what happened to the GPU or the CPU is not tied to come inside the PS3. This is the main reason for the flashing red light or yellow light that people suffer with their PlayStation. This often happens when people do their PlayStation for a long time, as Sony has not made adequate ventilation in the console.

As for the red light flashing on the PS3 version? Unless you have a PlayStation mechanical know, you have two choices. You can send your console from Sony and allow them to repair for you for $ 150 - $ 300 or you can use a PS3 repair guide that will show you how to find the repairs themselves. CLICK HERE.

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