PS3 Mic

How to Use a Mic on a PS3

PS3 Mic - The PlayStation 3 (PS3) media console allows the player to view and share files, photos, music, themes and games, surf the Internet and video games online with friends or strangers. If you want to communicate with friends on the PS3, all you need is one mic compatible with PS3. By connecting the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and fix a couple of audio settings, you can vote via the PlayStation Network (PSN) to listen in minutes.
  1. Insert the PS3 compatible with the micro USB cable into the USB port on the front of the PlayStation 3. Turn on the PS3.
  2. Go on the "Settings" in the right corner of the XMB. Once the icon is highlighted, scroll to "Accessory Settings" and press "X" on the controller for the PS3.
  3. Go to "Audio Device Settings", then select the "Input Settings". Wait a few seconds for your PS3 to recognize the external USB device's microphone.
  4. Select "USB microphone" and press "X" on the controller for the PS3. After a successful connection to the main menu by pressing the "O"-button three times on the controller.
  5. Start the game and start communicating with other players. The PS3 and the game will automatically detect the USB microphone as an audio receiver and allow you to talk through them.

How to Make Sound Come Out of Your Mic on a PS3

The PlayStation 3 from Sony is compatible with most Bluetooth headsets, allowing you to connect the device to the console so you can communicate with other users in online gaming. When you bind a non-Sony equipment with the PS3, noting that many users who want to hear the sound through headphones, which is the voice of the other players, usually comes from the speakers, which can cause confusion. This setting can be changed manually on the PS3.
  1. Controlled by the PlayStation 3 in the main menu with the PS3 controller's analog sticks. Selecting items from a menu, press the "X" to go from one screen to select or cancel the operation, press the "Circle".
  2. Select the "Settings" menu. Scroll down to "Accessory Settings", then choose "Audio Device Settings".
  3. Choose the "Output Device" option. Set on "wireless headphones", then select "OK" and save the setting.
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