PS3 Controller Bluetooth

The controller for PS3 has a lot of features on what makes an amazing piece of hardware. In addition to the base, where the game controller also adds a lot of extras that you may or may not have noticed.

The most important feature is probably the wireless function. The wireless PS3 controller uses Bluetooth, which is quite powerful. Why is Bluetooth, which allows the PlayStation 3 supports up to 7 controllers (which is not much in games). Bluetooth allows the controller to be played on PSP.

If you're not a fan of using a wireless controller, you can add to the PlayStation console via the USB connector. It will also be responsible for the controller when the battery is too low.

Another feature of the PS3 that will be felt, the Clear button in the center directly. This button with the PlayStation logo, and when pressed, opens a menu that shows the battery life of the controller. As far as battery life goes, the controller can be up to 30 hours.
At the top of the controller, there are 4 LEDs that light up on the player, you can be based. However, the console supports up to 7 players, so games that use the 5-7 player, turn on more lights (for example, players 4 and 1 5 LEDs lit). This lets you know which player you're in the game

A great feature of the PS3, the Sixaxis technology. This technology provides the Sixaxis controller is the direction of rotation and translational acceleration in three dimensions. This allows the detection of movement occurs in the game, features such as games move to tilt the PS3 controller to a plane or car to add.

The PS3 controller has many functions. The large amount of features it has, it makes a great controller.



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