PS3 Freezing Fix

Quick Methods To Fix Your Freezing PS3

PS3 Freezing Fix - There are many errors that plague many PS3 that are sold today. It can be very disappointing, you buy a $ 300 system and then find out that in the future, has undergone something of a system failure. It can be very frustrating dealing with a situation like this, but is also quick and easy solutions that are applied in order to be able to solve the problem, as the fix for the PS3 freeze.

There are so many PS3 people who have experienced the freezing bug. I know how frustrating this kind of thing may be that his vision of his eye. This problem is the system in an unusable state could not function as one, but for a short time before it freezes. There are many ways in which this problem can be solved, and I'll show you some of the most basic upgrades that can be applied.

PS3 Freezing Fix:

  1. Make sure that is not affected by heat, place your PS3 in a well ventilated area where air can circulate through the system. Your problems can easily freeze the system when there is sufficient fresh air in passing, that increases the temperature inside the console, causing a system crash.
  2. Ensure that all cables are secure and that there are no loose cables. It can be very simple, but it can crash the system.
  3. Connect the PS3 and wait five minutes before restarting. Probably does not work for most people, because the problem is probably deeper than a simple reboot.
These are the basic fixes that could be the solution to your problem, but in reality, the problem probably is not as easy to solve. I understand the feeling of a PS3, which is in a state, and uselessness is the problem immediately. If you really want to see what exactly is the problem with the current system, there are many directions you can take to find a solution.

Tips on Fixing a PS3 That Freezes All of the Time

The Playstation 3, like all video game console is not without bugs and problems. These include the freezing, in which the panel stops and stop responding to the actions of the player. During the freezing problems are usually transient, persistent frost can be frustrating. In some cases, you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

Turn Off

While the PS3 is turned on, the processor being continually generated heat. This heat increases gradually in the long term and can cause problems with the streets for a period of activity. Finally, processor overheats, it can freeze and in the worst cases, cause some internal components melted. To avoid this, test the console from time to time, and allows to cool. This is particularly important if you have not played for a long time. After the passage of the console, leave it for half an hour, cooling to take place. Also, try placing the console in an area of ​​decent air circulation to prevent overheating of the PS3 are still trapped inside, which adds to avoid heating problems.


Overheating is not a problem if the console is not a need for ventilation. If this happens, it could be the result of supporters who help the PS3 to a safe temperature and no longer function. Check the bottom of the console, you will see a fan there. If this does not turn, you can try a cooling pad under the console when it is turned on. If this does not stop the console before the freeze, you must find a replacement fan.


Another cause of freezing is that the cable can connect the PS3 to come loose or be damaged. With the console and cooled, you can try, unplug all cables from the back of the system. Sometimes, just plug too quickly solve this freezing problem because the problem is a cable that came out was caused. In other cases, the problem will be the result of a damaged cable, check all cables and replace all seem defective.

Hard disk

A hard freeze can sometimes vaguely connected to the root of a problem is if the PS3 system's hard disk securely attached to the cable. Hard disks can be damaged, which can lead to problems, freezing, in this case, you must buy a new hard drive or repair.

Game review

Sometimes a mistake is to freeze the game disc itself. The disk can cause errors if it is dirty. Try gently blowing on the game disc or disk maintenance with cleaning materials, to correct this. If the problem persists freezing, check the disc from scratches, the performance can be compromised, and try to play PS3 on another device. If the game does not freeze at PS3 the other hand, it is likely that your console itself is at fault. If another console is not available, you might see a different game on the ps3 if it freezes in this game as well.

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