PS3 Laser Replacement

How Did I Fix PS3 Laser Problems?

PS3 Laser Replacement - PS3 Laser Problem has often been reported recently. Many players have tried to replace their lasers, but it still does not solve the problem? Why? What would you do to solve the problems PS3 Laser?

First, we want to research this issue PS3. How can you say laser has encountered a problem with your PS3? You can try the following symptoms: games load slower than usual, do a little 'or all disks rotate "Disc Read Error" appears on the screen. And if games keep skipping or stopping in the middle of the shop, you will also need a PS3 laser problem.

Laser problem, of course, is done on the PlayStation 3. Since the laser PlayStation 3 is easily scraped off the damaged disk, or simply the accumulated dirt. For this reason, many players choose to replace with a new, first, the problem every time the laser. But most of them reported the same problem after the exchange. Why?

The general consensus is that it is necessary to replace a whole new PS3 laser assembly. In fact, when I arrived on the PlayStation 3 laser problems, I replaced the same laser and it worked. But within 24 hours, the problem occurs again, or maybe even worse. The substituted with a different laser and others. But this does not work.

At the suggestion of my best friend, I finally bought a laser unit (the KES-400A), which cost almost the same as the laser itself. Now I can enjoy my PS3 again. I think a lot of loyal players who knew the installation of a laser. Beginners have problems with this part of the repair work. Here, I suggest you learn from a reliable PS3 repair guide. Remember to choose a repair manual with step by step images and videos.

How to Replace a PS3 Laser Lens

The PlayStation 3, which is by most standards, a reliable console. Like any piece of electronic equipment, but the PlayStation 3 in the current problems. A problem that may occur the failure of the laser that reads the disc itself. Replacing the laser can seem a daunting task, but the process is fairly simple.

Dismantling a PS3

  1. Remove the "feet" rubber on the left side and the bottom of the PlayStation 3. These screws walk home is removed.
  2. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws through the slots on the left side of the console. Insert the screws on the side.
  3. Insert the upper part of the PlayStation 3 on the left side. Note that you may have some strength in you slide the cover to be used if you have not done before. Replace the top cover on the side with the screw.
  4. Remove the seven screws on the cover with the screwdriver. After removing all the screws, insert it with other parts removed.
  5. Lift the case in the rest of the console. If needed, use the screwdriver without hooks on the back to clear.
  6. Disconnect the data cable to the PS3 hard drive. Be very careful when removing these cables, as they may damage the laser instead of the least of your worries.
  7. Unscrew the top of the Blu-Ray box to expose the Blu-Ray and laser.

PS3 Laser replacement

  1. Remove the plastic cover lift spinner wheel with a screwdriver. Force does not need much to do. Use your first remove the Phillips screws on the black panel and remove the cover to enter the eye.
  2. Remove the screw on both sides of the laser. Once removed, slide the laser and the file.
  3. Remove the metal supports axes, axis and white ribbon cable from the old laser and put it on the new laser
  4. Insert the new laser slowly in housing and unscrew the screw can be removed before taking the laser.
  5. Install the PlayStation 3 and turn it on to test the new laser. If you read the discs, the laser is working properly.
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