PS3 Troubleshooting Freezing

How to Troubleshoot Problems With a PS3 That Freezes

PS3 Troubleshooting Freezing - If your PlayStation 3 is frozen, you can correct the errors to determine the cause. The PS3, for various reasons, including overheating and freeze the need for an upgrade. The system can also freeze randomly through a disc of the game dirty. You may also be able to solve the freezing of a single action. Troubleshooting basic system does not require high technical skills and offers his hand in front of Sony in order to recommend technical assistance.
  1. Move the PS3 in a cool, well ventilated when it is cold during the game. The console can overheat and freeze or quit unexpectedly, if it lacks adequate ventilation.
  2. Remove the game disc into your system if it keeps crashing while playing the disc with a clean soft cloth. Insert the disk and restart the game.
  3. Disconnect all accessories from the user currently logged on with the PS3 when the screen is locked. Hold the "Power" button on the system until it stops. Release the button and press again to restart the system.
  4. Update the PS3, if it still crashes. Press "Select" and click "Settings". Click on "System Update" and click "Update via Internet". Wait for the system to check an update. The available updates are automatically downloaded and installed on PS3.

How to Fix a Freezing Error on a PS3 Slim

PS3 Slim is a revised version of the PlayStation 3, which is smaller, more energy efficient and quieter than the original version. PS3 Slim was released in 2009 to participate in an attempt to play more of its rivals such as the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. While Slim has been generally well received by critics, some systems may experience freezing problems. Fix an error PS3 Slim freezing is often a process of trial and error.
  1. Turn on the console and wait a few minutes before restarting. It could be just an accident of time who cares.
  2. Update the firmware by going to the PS3 Slim "System Update" function on the main menu system at startup. The fine line must be connected if they have automatic access to the PlayStation Network. Older firmware can sometimes lead to system instability and lead to unpredictable behavior such as freezing. Sony recommends that a new firmware regularly.
  3. Remove the game disc and wipe with a soft cloth from the inside toward the outside edge in a straight line to deposits, which could affect the lens-Slim removed. Never clean the CD in a circle, as this can cause dust, hair and other debris are included in the tracks of the disk, causing performance problems anymore. Try to watch another game if the freeze continues.
  4. Spray a can of compressed air in the area of ​​the disk of the PS3 Slim and the air intakes and the elimination of dust. Due to the smaller version, the PS3 Slim is based on more precise function of its components, such as dust builds up more problems for which it may cause. Use a vacuum cleaner and dust to stick to their mouths and suck, but do not do that on the surface of the disk, because it could traumatize the lens.
  5. On The Air PS3 Slim, selecting it from the ground and on a box that allows a flow of air. The small size means that the fan may be less effective in maintaining the cooling system when the full size version and that could result from freezing. Put a fan on the system and to help cooling.
  6. Tilt the Slim, on his side. It represents both the disk and the lens can correct disk errors, and some reading, eg frost.
  7. Contact Sony at 800-345-7669 if the problem persists, because your Slim may be defective or in need of repair. A representative from Sony can say if your Slim is still under warranty, or take the steps needed to fix the system.
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