PS3 Wireless Problem

PS3 Wireless Internet Problems

The capabilities of the PlayStation 3 Sony Wireless (PS3) allow you to connect your console to an arbitrary position in a house connected to the Internet via a wireless router. Troubleshooting is usually a simple process that PS3 Connection Wizard, an Internet service and a wireless router.

Installing Internet PS3

Select the "easy" when you set the PS3 to wireless internet. This option provides a wizard step by step instructions on how to address problems with the connection. If the connection does not work, repeat the steps in the wizard to check the settings.

Internet access at home

Use your home computer to check if the Internet is working properly. Otherwise, contact the ISP.

Wireless Internet Router

Check if your router to send and receive data. If possible, use another wireless device to test the connection. If you have problems in the documentation for your router.

Router settings

Make sure the correct wireless encryption (WEP for example) is added when setting the PS3. If you do not specify the right type of encryption is not possible to connect the PS3 to the router. Also make sure that the PS3 is the correct name and identification key for the router.

Game specific issues

If you're a PS3 game that does not connect to the Internet, go to the documentation of the game to see if the game supports online play you refer. If the game supports online play, and you can not access, there may be a problem with the PlayStation Network.

How to Connect a Playstation 3 to Your Wireless Internet

If you have a Playstation 3 with wireless LAN function, you can use to connect to the wireless Internet. Parameters for the connection to the Internet through the network are different, but if you have a typical network configuration, you should be able to connect your PS3 to the Internet, through this process.
  1. Ensure that the wireless Internet connection is active and in full force. Pull the plug on the PS3, when the Ethernet cable is connected to the system.
  2. On the PlayStation 3 game console, and select "Network Settings" option "Settings" from the main menu.
  3. Select "Internet Connection Settings" and select "Yes" if you say that the system has a new screen that you will be disconnected from the Internet.
  4. Select "Easy" on the next screen, you want to use any type of installation you are prompted.
  5. Select "Wireless" when it asks you what type of Internet connection you have.
  6. Select "Scan" on the next screen.The system will be available to all Internet connections for research in the region.
  7. Select the Internet connection at home when the screen displays the options available on the Internet. Select the security settings and enter the key. Save the settings.
  8. Check the connection by clicking on the button "Test Connection" option. If the connection is established, the network information is displayed on the screen.
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