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How to Repair a PlayStation 3 With No Video Output

Playstation 3 No Video - The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a game system, available from Sony, which for many types of TVs, standard definition or high definition, unable to connect. You must use some type of video cable to connect the camera depending on the type of television. However, if there is no video from your PS3 to the TV, there are some things you can check to try to fix it before you contact Sony for their support.
  1. Check the connections are secure between the PS3 and the TV. One end of the cable should go to the video output of the PS3. The other end of the cable should go to the video input on your TV.
  2. Disconnect the PS3 from a VCR or DVD player when connected to one, and connect the device directly to the TV. The signal can be decomposed to pass through another device.
  3. Use a cable to watch the video again to see if the original cable is bad.
  4. Press the "Enter" key on the remote to find the video for the PS3. Some televisions, multiple video inputs and the bad times can be selected.
  5. Hold the power button on the PS3 until you hear two beeps. This causes the device will be reset to the default video settings.
  6. Connect the PS3 to another TV and go to the menu and make sure the resolution is set to 480p, at least for a standard TV.
  7. Connect the PS3 at home to watch television, whether it's a signal.
so a few tips on how to Repair a PlayStation 3 With No Video Output. you can also read another article about the ps3 troubleshooting.

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