Troubleshooting Playstation 3 Problems

How to Troubleshoot Playstation 3 Problems

Troubleshooting Playstation 3 Problems - The PlayStation 3 (PS3) was, as the entertainment center all praise - a unit that can play Blu-ray DVDs, music and aussi network with a PC. The PS3 is likely that the same problems, the latest game console experience. Before you put your PS3 for repair, you should groped to solve some common problems.

The most common problems

  1. When button "Power" button for 10 seconds to perform a soft reset. A soft reset is the PS3 version, if you are stuck in a frozen state.
  2. See the instructions for the disc and try to make sure it can be used with the PS3.
  3. Check all cables to make sure the device is properly connected to the manual. The PS3 must be connected directly to the TV or computer screen, how through the wiring All other devices can enable copy protection measures.
  4. Ensure that all connections are tight and replace worn or damaged cables will be displayed.
  5. Verify that the correct cables to connect to the Ethernet router. PS3 to DSL and broadband networks, capable of providing dial-up connection can not be used.
  6. Remove debris from the gold dust in the wind on the console and make sure you allow adequate air circulation. A "Power" button, which flashes red and green data and identify the device that is overheating.

Audio and Video

  1. Check the mute on your TV or monitor, so that accidentally cut.
  2. Check all audio devices such as surround speakers to confirm that I am with the PS3.
  3. Make sure your TV or monitor attached, you must set the input channel.


  1. Press and hold the "Eject" for 10 seconds to unlock the disc is stuck inside all the PS3.
  2. Ensure that the disc has no scratches or nicks. Scratched or damaged disc is replaced.
  3. Ensure that all records created by the user directly in the NTSC standard has been completed.
  4. Ensure that parental control is not to intervene to seek all that you want to play or rotation.


  • Remove the drive of the PS3, provides otherwise ineffective.
  • Never put the PS3 is carpeted, has been designed for use on a flat surface.
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