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How to Hook a PS3 to a Sanyo Model Number DS27930

PS3 Model Number - The DS2730 is a Sanyo flat screen TV, game connectivity. Even if a PS3 game console released on high definition content, the DS2730 supports only standard-definition connections, a lower resolution that depends on an AV cable. Connect your game console to your TV is a fast process. Within minutes you can begin to see play your favorite games, movies, listening to music or surf the Internet.
  1. Locate the AV port on the back of the PS3.
  2. Connect the AV cable to the AV port on the back of the PS3 and connect the three pins (yellow, red and white) to open one of the RCA inputs on the back of the TV. The RCA inputs are also colored (yellow, red and white) so fit. The pencil is yellow video signals, and red and white pin for audio signals.
  3. On the TV, then turn the game console.
  4. Press the "Enter" on your TV or remote control and select "Video 1" and "Video 2" connected according to the RCA ports on your game console. You should see the PS3 XMB screen.

What PS3 Models Can Have Wi-Fi Built In?

Sony first released for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) at the end of 2006. There were two models: one with a 20GB hard drive and one with a disk of 60 GB. Both specifications of the hard drives are not the only differences. A model has a built-in Wi-Fi card and not the other. The first model of the PS3 20 GB is the only model without WiFi. Each has followed a wireless card.

Model Numbers

Outwardly, most PS3 the same, but inside the machine, each model is a bit 'different than the other. Sony has a unique model number is different for each release of a new PS3 system, including the features. Click Start, all models of PS3 have model numbers "Cech", but the alphanumeric combination that follows provides an overview of the characteristics of the machine. For example, the first two models and model numbers CECHB01 CECHA01, but only the A01 has Wi-Fi.


Sony has released two models at the same time offering consumers a choice between a model with a higher capacity (CECHA01, with its 60 GB hard disk) and a version a bit 'less. The CECHB01 for $ 100 less than the capacity Wi-Fi, with a greater capacity used to detail. Use the Wi-Fi on all PS3 systems, 802.11 b / g wireless bandwidth that are not as fast as Wireless-N, which is the standard for computer networks at the time of publication.

Other models

After the first version of the PS3, Sony, including Wi-Fi in each of the following models. Sony released these models between March 2007 and September 2010. The models and different model numbers follow the pattern alphabet. For example, the CECHC01 an old model that CECHK01 or CECHL01 systems. All systems of C01-Fi

Identification of models

The model number is printed on a sticker on the back of every model of PS3. If you do not purchase the system again, or if you have your PS3 as a gift, do not know which model you have. The label of this information is located under the air vents on the left side of the back wall of the PS3 slim models and through the ventilation slots on the left side of your back on all other models. Please also read this article PS3 Warranty.

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