PS3 Disc Drive Replacement

How to Replace a PlayStation 3 Disc Drive

PS3 Disc Drive Replacement - As a statewide advanced game consoles and computers offers the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a powerful hard disk (also known as a CD), which may suffer from general wear and tear or break completely. Instead of the system in a costly repair shop, you can save time and money to remove the old PS3 hard disk itself and its replacement by a new or used rescue.
  1. Connect a USB mass storage and backup of all important documents and pictures of the broken record when you can.
  2. Remove the USB device and turn on the PS3.
  3. Separate the power of the console game and let it cool before opening it groped.
  4. Place a soft cloth under the PS3 and turn the system upside down.
  5. Open the bolt and use the screwdriver to remove the hard drive compartment cover.
  6. Remove the blue screw with the screwdriver and slide the cover on the left side of the disc tray and place it next to you.
  7. Lift the handle and pull the hard drive of your system.
  8. Remove the metal frame around the disk by removing the four screws. Insert the disc, while grasping the edges firmly and remove it from the frame.
  9. By installing the new hard drive with a metal frame with four screws. Insert the disk in, slide the cover in its closed position and remove the blue screw bay, until the machine is complete.
  10. Connect the console to the supply and installation of system software by following the instructions on the screen.

  • Be sure to replace the hard drive in a clean, dry, and not lose the screws or the dust or dirt can enter the system.
  • If you want more space, you can buy a larger hard disk replacement.
  • Download and print the official manual PS3 hardware support to ensure good that replacing the hard drive and not having to replace the drive's warranty.
  • The hard drive is very sensitive and must be treated with the utmost care. It 's also sensitive to static electricity.
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