Playstation 3 Green Light

Repair the Green Light Error on PlayStation 3 Like This

Playstation 3 Green Light - The suffering of your PS3 blinking green light error? Even if the PlayStation 3 is one of the strongest of this generation of consoles, it may still have problems of this type is common, which is flashing green, instead of working properly. This can be aggravating and annoying because it makes the console unusable. I mean, you look at the system for games and DVDs, is not it? Because if you can not do it. So I have to take these elements and help you solve your PS3, offering you some tips that can get back to work.

Try these simple techniques at home to start working again:

  1. Turn the console on and off, to sit quietly on the memory card.
  2. If that fails, check all cables and make sure none of them are loose or damaged.
  3. If this does not solve the problem, unplug all cables and reconnect them in. This will ensure that none of them are not connected.
  4. Finally, if these three points have not resolved the PS3 blinking green light, then you must take the hard drive for 10 minutes and let the cycle of his memory. Then go back and try again.
These tips will help you, in general, to work on the PS3 system to start, and can get rid of the horrible green lights flashing. But what if you do not work, you ask?

Send your Sony PlayStation 3 Off To Repair

The most common alternative, if you have problems after trying these suggestions are still there, the PS3 system to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. This is the best thing, because it can guarantee it will work if you get it back. The only real problem is that it will cost a considerable sum ($ 140 at times!) And usually still recover. I say six weeks or more. If you do not want to wait or pay, and you want to play, we talk about one of the other alternatives you have. And it is ...

Solve problems PS3 flashing green at home

If the board does not work, there is another way to get rid of flashing lights on the PlayStation 3 This is actually taking the system apart and fix the problem causing the inside. It 's the same thing, the Sony does, and costs that you do for $ 140, unless you own it and they pay nothing. I advise you not to do so without the knowledge or do a repair, though.

It sets your PS3 blinking green light to look like something to do at home? Why not, if you save more than $ 100 and your PlayStation 3 to work within an hour or two! It is not that difficult if you know how, but I think even without proper guidance. I speak a PS3 repair guide that talks about going through the repair process step by step. Click to learn more about Playstation 3 repair guide.

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