PS3 Game Saves

How to Make Downloaded PS3 Game Saves Work

PS3 Game Saves - The are many sites on the Internet, where you can download PS3 game save files, but you need to perform additional actions to work on the PS3. Downloaded game save files in the folder "zip", and these files are decompressed before being transferred to your PS3. Once the files have been unpacked and the PS3, you can copy it to your PS3 hard drive and start playing the game to save the file to download.
  1. Connect a USB flash drive, memory card or an external hard drive to your computer.
  2. Right click on the downloaded game save file, then click "Extract All".
  3. Write the files are extracted, then click "Extract" at the bottom of the window.
  4. Browse to the location of the extracted folder.
  5. Right-click the folder, then click "Copy".
  6. Right-click in an empty space inside the folder containing your extracted folder, click "New," and then click "Folder."
  7. Name "PS3" folder.
  8. Double-click the folder "PS3" to open it.
  9. Right-click in an empty space inside the folder, click "New" and then click "Folder."
  10. Name the folder "SAVEDATA".
  11. Double-click the folder to open it.
  12. Click on the folder with the right mouse button and then "Paste".
  13. Click on "Back" at the top of the screen twice to return to the location of the folder "PS3" back.
  14. With the click of a button, right-click the folder "PS3", click "Send" and then be transferred to your media.
  15. Double click the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the lower right corner of the screen, then transferred to your media.
  16. Remove the media files transferred from your computer and connect it to your PS3.
  17. Turn off the PS3 system.
  18. Use the left and right arrows on the controller to return to the "Game" to scroll, then use the scroll up and down arrows on the "Saved Data Utility".
  19. Press the "X" to the list of related media, and press "X" to select the media is just connect to the PS3.
  20. Scroll to save the game, then press the "triangle".
  21. Scroll to "Copy" and press "X" to select it.
After transferring the "PS3" folder and "SAVEDATA" on the media, you can simply copy any other game to save the downloaded files in the folder "SAVEDATA". It is not necessary to save the "PS3" folder and "SAVEDATA" for each downloaded game.

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