Well, judging from the early comments, it sounds like some of you found my review to be a little confusing and contradictory. Let me try and clear up the issue: the review does focus a lot on the game's faults but as I point out, they're all minor. I think the reason why I focused so much on the negatives is because my mind was focused on them when I went to write the review. Now that I've had some time to let go of my initial frustration, let me say a little bit more about what the game does right. Hopefully, this clears up the confusion a little.

The game world is awesome and I loved the way the buildings were laid out (though the world could have used a few more "surprise treats" that rewarded careful exploration); the electricity based super powers were really fun to mess around with and the missions, while predicated upon a poorly executed story, were fun enough that I was entertained over the long haul. inFAMOUS really is a good game and I stand by my score of 4.5. The story is terrible and I found some aspects of the combat to be rather annoying; that last boss fight was also not enjoyable at all. Still, the game's strengths more than compensate for these faults and I would still recommend it. If you have any further questions, shoot me a note over PM and I'll get back to you.
Fame and Fortune

Let's begin this review from where I left off: the end. Without spoiling anything for you, let me just say that inFAMOUS' final boss fight is, without a doubt, one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I've had in a long while. It's long, drawn out and not fun in any way. It isn't particularly difficult once you get the final boss' attack patterns down but he has a huge health bar that your attacks can only nibble away at, so you basically feel like a mosquito trying to take down the Jolly Green Giant. The game also ends with a plot twist that would have M. Night Shyamalan muttering "Say what?" The story was sort of convoluted to begin with but the ending comes right out of left field; even worse, it conveniently sets up a sequel, which makes it feel even more contrived.

So yeah, I probably should have gone to bed and written this up in the morning because the sting of the bad ending might have worn off by then and I would have started things off by focusing more on what the game does right. Like how the game world is well realized and how the electricity based powers are really fun to mess around with; my favorite was the fully upgraded electricity grenade which blows up your foes and chains them to the floor with electrified restraints. You also gain the ability to grind power lines and train tracks and floating down from the sky using electricity to dampen your fall is pretty sweet too. inFAMOUS has a lot of side missions as well, though it can't match the sheer variety or number of other sandbox games like GTA IV, and they were fun enough that I often put aside the main campaign to bring a little justice to the city.


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