Yakuza 4

It 's really strange for me now 4 games Yakuza. The series has always had a sense of authenticity to the Japanese handed approach and walk through the game dummy Kamurocho disturbing enough to know that now, people in the real world, everyday life and try to Tokyo cuts Upper lamination current address and country Europe destroyed. Knowing that the next game in the series, an alternative universe where players interpretation defend Tokyo from a destroyed zombie hordes roaming delayed indefinitely in Japan is a strange feeling. (If you can not know why you moved, just read the description.) But whatever its complicated - and no doubt unintentionally - the timing, Yakuza 4 is another excellent entry in one of the most neglected series in the West.

Yakuza 3 I gave praise to this time last year and I am pleased to announce that Yakuza 4 as good as its predecessor. This is not the same story came out last year, though: the biggest change in Yakuza 4, the narrative structure. previous installments of the series defined as the control center of the story of the protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. Yakuza 4, the configuration is very different: It runs through the property with four different characters. He Shun Akiyama, a loan shark with a heart of gold strange, Taiga Saejima, an escaped convict Yakuza, Masayoshi Tanimura, a police officer, perhaps a game of nightlife Kamurocho, and finally put in Kiryu Kazuma is tangible. You play through each scenario, the characters, made a new character when the story ends and ends with a final episode, where you can control all four. Each character has a unique fighting style, its own set of quests and substory a distinct personality and outlook, the way they react to the history and influence of their environment. See the story of each character - and learning the nuances of their fighting skills - is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game.
Of course, such an approach would be to storytelling as a waste to be considered are whether the story itself was not up to par. Fortunately, living in the thriller engage Yakuza 4 converts the standard set of tariffs. The story picks up where left Yakuza 3 (if you miss one of the previous games, you can decide, flashbacks to see in person), and revolves around a strange young woman, all four cables that connect to - along with a series bizarre deaths and gang violence that erupted in Kamurocho. Much of the story is told through scenes, although cleverly choreographed, slow, or can, and the Japanese-style approach to dialogue and tension (usually heavy with lots of tears), some off. Despite the history of theater, one should perhaps not entirely seriously meant, or - when it comes to a boss assault with a chainsaw in hand, you know, it's always a video game over. " Just accept the ludicrous melodrama Bromantic and, like sandwiches and you'll be a good time.

But if you ever had a deferment of the main plot, you should enjoy many opportunities for all kinds of fun in the game world open setting Kamurocho there, and is just as alive as it always has been, full of shopping malls, bars, restaurants , clubs, hostess, and entertainment. The way the game aptly captures the atmosphere of a busy Tokyo hit more details, and consider the addition of new areas - and some roofs Kamurocho exceptionally flourishing underground churches - are fans of the series to see the new spots. There are also new places to play, with a pachinko exact models to help with Sammy as an engine of Virtua Fighter and a mad scientist theme simulated with an experimental device allows you to train for the recovery of combat. What is also interesting to note that, unlike Yakuza 3, almost none of the Contents page of this time has been cut - if you want the girls in the bar hostesses or Mahjong, you are free and welcome to do so.

But Yakuza 4 is not without some bumps, either. Much of the most disturbing of the previous games - the inevitable battles with street punks arrogant, trial and error "revelation" for learning new fighting skills and how runabout sometimes annoying to give to your next destination in history - further. In terms of gameplay, more subtle improvements rather than Yakuza 3: the struggle a bit 'more simplified, and the means by which to spend experience points to learn new skills is to be improved more user friendly. The graphics engine is impressive as it is, is largely the same as the last game and the fact that most old games Kamurocho may disappoint those who enjoyed putting the new locales in Yakuza 2 and 3. Overall, the improvements over the previous installment is not as flashy or interesting this time, and it is a shame.

Overall, Yakuza 4 is a great title, because this series is an underestimate because of the crown jewels in the current game lineup Sega shows. It is not as big as the updating of the fans of the series would have liked, and maybe some 'disappointing. But I see it: sometimes with a sequel that you do not really need or want a lot of big changes or updates. What do you want more than just the one you like the first series. And in this sense is Yakuza hit KO 4.


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