God of War II left us with an almighty cliff hanger, literally. The Titan Gaia had the Greek Kratos on her back as she scales Mount Olympus ready for the Titans v Gods showdown with Zeus etc. This has us all gagging for the next installment, and finally it's here.

Now when we look back on that epic ending, it is clear that the developers knew exactly where they were going, but were clever enough to leave it open to interpretation. Was GoW III set to be played on the sides of Mount Olympus, or was there to be some kind of spin-off? Both these rumors have been bandied about, and both are off the mark. Olympus does figure, but as a general area. I'm not going to go into great detail regarding the setting as there are some surprises, but suffice to say this game is fast and furious and combines puzzles, combat and platforming to make for a helluva ride.

Most of the key changes come from the setting itself, and there really are surprises around every corner. The whole thing has a more vertical feel to it, probably due to the Mount Olympus setting. You get to use old favorites that you picked up in the earlier games to help you in your ascent, such as Icarus' wings. The battles with the Titan bosses are simply stunning, and can't be faulted in any way.
There are many new, smaller features which greatly add to the gaming appeal, but I`m not going to go through them one by one, lest you won`t be excited when you discover them as I was! Running up walls, playing with flashlights, enemies, weapons and so much more are waiting to be unlocked and used, and they are all brilliant. A quick mention must be given to the mini games, which are a delight to play and a lot of laughs too.

The variety that has been added to the game play of God of War III and the new bosses are the highlights of this game. That is no mean feat considering that this is an absolutely terrific game and one that once you purchase it you won't be able to leave alone. There are two general groups that the enemies fall into; those with the Titans and those against.

I have always said the first God of War had the best story, and that God of War II had the best combat, so I have to say that this latest installment is a combination of both so therefore is my favourite of the Trilogy, and a fitting finale to this hugely successful franchise. I really can't find anything to complain about, and those of you who are acquainted with my games reviews will know that is something which I don't say very often! I am awarding, for only the second time ever, this game a rating of 10. I can't find any flaws and nowhere for improvements to be made. Well done to all concerned.


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