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In 2011 (List PS3 Exclusive), publishes many games for the PS3 system with almost all popular genres. Now, all PlayStation 3 owners can play your collection with exciting new versions to add more fun, suspense and thriller in your life. We take the games too short listed in our article on PS3 games to come.

Gears Gatling

Gatling Gears is a shooter arcade game developed by Electronic Arts and Vanguard public. In the moment of impact, if Reich begins the destruction of all natural resources to satisfy their selfish desire to keep Max Brawley mission in hand, to stop them. Although the overall mission of the Gatling nephew and tools to support in accomplishing the mission. The game allows players to take control of PS3 from all available weapons, like machine gun bullets, hand grenades and also buy tons of other things to help win their mission.

Thor: God of Thunder

Thor: God of Thunder is only the third person action game developed by Liquid Entertainment and published by Sega Player.
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Thor, the main character of the game is legendary hammer, fighting in different parts of the world, Norse mythology, Asgard to the rescue. In this game for PS3 Thor and other opponents are using the extraordinary power of God, how deadly hammer throw and massive action to defeat the other. Game wrote gigantic enemies with a weight exceeding 20 tonnes, the master of the comic book story writer Matt Fraction and Eisner Award was for writing.

SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Edition 4 full distribution

Navy SEALs from a tactical third-person shooter developed by SCEA action on the battlefield of Asia published. The PS3 edition includes the distribution to move Blu-ray Disc, PlayStation Motion Controller, traffic controller to move the PlayStation Eye and sniper to move. Battle begins in South Asia, the stage of disease caused by the revolution cruel. This game gives you the privilege to lead your army to the battlefield commander and the fearless capacity for 32 people multiplayer.

Hunter Dungeon: Alliance

Co-operative role-playing game Dungeon Hunter: Ultimate Alliance is published by Gameloft be played in single player or multiplayer. This game is to choose three different classes of mages, rogues and warriors, all three class magician can cast magic, fight, Rogue Warrior and the attackers. Move-Controller expands your gameplay experience with great sensitivity all over the screen with your characters. detailed environment with high quality graphics to look sharper. You can experiment more with all your friends online PlayStation Network where you can rank the highest ranking team online.

Crysis 2

Crysis Single-Player 2 is first-person shooter from Electronic Arts, Inc. will be published in the series of all the PS3 games coming this March 2011, published in North America. Thurs storyline is all new to foreigners on the earth for total destruction of the world through a series of catastrophic climate change and social collapse. Invader begin repaying the city's most emblematic of the New York Earth. A man responds to the situation with the futuristic Nanosuit 2 with better control technology to save humanity from the demolition of the inhabitants of the Third World.


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